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just wondering which one

ok many conversations .. bigger better more is best . I need input about ladies handling the 26 or 42 , my wife has not the real powerful muscles to move my slide on my 30 or 36 or even the 17 with ease . she enjoys shooting though and is ready to go the next step and train and carry. my thoughts are if she doesnt like to pull the slide or feel , she may not like the weapon and carry it, if she likes the 26 or 42 i will feel jealous and want to make it mine ..... i have seen some youtube ladies comparison and the 26 tops the pick and others 42 feels and shoots just as well .. its impossible to find someone to lend a 42 vs 26 range shoot.. the local range store will for around 60-75$ for rental ammo range fees. if i purchase they said they will take a rental fee from the one we choose. some have strong opinions k but would like to hear from those who betterhalf carries and how they made their decision.
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My wife, who prefers to shoot a full-size 1911 in .45ACP, sometimes has a little trouble with the slide on her little LCP. She also loves to shoot my G17, but has no trouble with the slide. Not with ease, but well enough. Our 1911s and my Glock 17 are a bit large for her to carry though. While the G26 is a little less to hold on to than the 17, she handles it well too. The G42 is no problem at all for her. My suggestion is don't buy anything that she hasn't handled first, unless you're buying it for yourself. My wife has chosen every gun she owns. I don't know if your wife has actually shot your 30, 36 or 17, but if she has, she's aware of recoil and how it varies from one gun to the next. The 26 is a little snappier than the 17, because of the lighter weight, shorter grip and shorter sight radius, but much less than the 30 and 36, you have. The 42 is a *****cat. Very easy to hold on to. Much more so than my wife's LCP. It's very soft by comparison and very nice to shoot.
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