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Molon Labe
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A woman's touch

(This was originally posted in the Concealed Carry forum but thought I might have some better luck here.)

Alright ladies I need your help. After a number of delays I, my girlfriend, and my best friend recently completed the necessary safety training to obtain a concealed carry permit in Colorado. My friend and I took the class with the intention of applying for our permits. My girlfriend took the class simply to gain some additional knowledge and had stated that she had no interest in getting her permit. However, the other night, much to my surprise and excitement, she told me that she has changed her mind. Recently a friend of her familys was at a local Home Depot and upon exiting the store was followed by two men to his brand new truck. The two men attempted to enter the vehicle with him with the apparent intention of stealing the vehicle. This friend normally carries a gun but was not that day. Fortunately he was able to lock himself in the vehicle and use the Onstar system to summon help. This event unnerved her, that something like this could happen in broad daylight and in a crowded area. Here's where I need your help ladies:
  1. I would like to know what type of guns you carry concealed and why. Also suggestions for other types that may fit someone with smaller hands would be helpful.
  2. How do you conceal your gun? Especially in clothing with no belt.
  3. Any other information related to carrying a concealed weapon that she may find useful.
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I posted my suggestion/info in Carry Issues...

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What's Up Dox?
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I have two pistols but I'm only really "concealing" one at the moment and haven't had time to get out and shop for the other.

The one I carry concealed is a .380 Colt Pocketlite. I carry it in a small leather sleve that clips to the beltline. I clip it inside my jeans and pull my shirt over it. You can barely see it.

I also have a G19 that I bought in June but haven't had time to research and find out what I'm going to like best with it since it is larger.

Your situation with men following a person or persons to a car in broad daylight mirrors my experience before I got my permit. I think this type of thing happens more than you know.
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