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Has a game ever changed your shooting habits?

Just curious, I know on some forums you mention you got an idea from a game and the flames just start rolling in. However, I noticed when playing Sierra's Swat3 some years ago that many of my shots were indeed hitting my virtual opponent in the outstretched hand or arm if he was pointing a gun at me. It led me to believe the heavy bullet crowd had a point, you do need to shoot through things sometimes even if it is another part of your opponent! This had not occurred to me before seeing it in the game, as I don't shoot for a living or anything.
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Re: Has a game ever changed your shooting habits?

Originally posted by Ffolkes
many of my shots were indeed hitting my virtual opponent in the outstretched hand or arm if he was pointing a gun at me.
Well, that just means you weren't doing it right. Head & groin/gut shots prevent such issues ;f

Dunno if groins a good idea in real life. A civil trial would be a real downer most likely, in addition to miss issues. But head shots are applicable, although difficult and not quite as practical a target from a hit/miss perspective, especially under stress. Low 6 o'clock COM/gut shots would likely duck under arms/hands, may cause a reaction that would open the true COM heart/lung area for followup shot(s).

In the game, since I didn't have to worry about ricochets or anything, I'd shoot em in the JUNK!!!!

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