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Old 08-15-2004, 10:32   #1
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Give Me a Break, by John Stossel

This is a good read to help understand how liberal media hype and over-regulation has screwed up everything good in this country! Stossel, of 20/20 fame, explains how we are scaring ourselves to death and spending a fortune to address possible hazards while neglecting obvious needs. His "death chart" is enlightening.

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Old 08-15-2004, 12:58   #2
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Never read the book but I like this guy!!
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Old 08-15-2004, 19:46   #3
Hi Everybody!
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Stossel's Give Me a Break, while not worth fighting tooth and nail for, is worth reading if you can get a copy easily (I borrowed it from my brother.) It is relatively short and simple, and thus neither difficult to read nor worth the price new (in my opinion.) Pretty good, but not fantastic.
The underlying theme is that regulation is harmful, and impedes economic development. Most regulation, guised as public safety, actually serves to stifle new competition and profit big, entrenched businesses (which is why such regulation is supported by big, entrenched businesses.) The media, via engaging in fear-mongering, encourages people to accept these regulations, "for their own good" (whether they really are or not.)
Stossel also covers handout programs (they encourage people to settle and squelch ambition) and lawsuits (too prevelant and easy to file in this country, and the consumer pays for all of them, at some level) in less detail. It is a short read, and won't make anyone's head hurt. At the same time, while some of the information is new and interesting, nothing is exactly earth-shattering. Overall, 3.5/5.
And there's no gun stuff!;f
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Old 09-03-2004, 22:18   #4
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I have been recommending this book to everyone. I really liked it.
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