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Tough Guy Levi
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P380 Non-CA Frame Replaced -Range Report


My P380 RB 3821 (mfg Oct. 2010) was overnighted to Kahr Factory on August 8 because of severe FTF problems. Due to a flexing frame that necessitated frame replacement my refurbished P380 "wearing " a new serial number RC 47XX (mfg August 2011) was received on August 30th. Because the frame had a new serial number, my Kahr had to be registered in CA thus causing a 10 day wait ie background check etc.

Picking up the weapon late yesterday afternoon (Sept 9), I couldn't wait to send rounds downrange since, prior to the new frame, I had constant FTF usually after the 3rd in every magazine. I had changed out the recoil, mag springs and follower courtesy of the Kahr factory. Didn't improve my FTF, hence my P380 was overnighted to Kahr early August.

This morning sent almost 100 rounds downrange. I feel I'm now in the 200 round breakin period and I had few FTFs. Several times with my two 6 round and one 7 round mags, the weapon failed to remain open after the last magazine round. Hmm, OK-keep fingers away from Slide Stop release! Once I realized I was touching the release lever, the weapon remained open upon the last mag round!

In the shooting lane next to me was a Buena Park (SoCa) LEO showing his grandson how to shoot his Glock 22. The LEO asked me if he could look at my Kahr PM9 and my P380. Naturally I offered him both weapons to try and he took me up on my offer. PM9 with XS Sights was his initial choice! After sending several mags of ammo downrange, he said WOW and remarked he LOVED my PM9s XS SIGHTS (Big Dot-front). As a NRA Pistol Instructor, I informed him, my XS sights were defensive rather than target sights. Of the 18 rounds he sent downrange, all his rounds could be covered up by a small fist! Range lights were lit thus he didn't get the full effect of the XS Sights until I told him to take my UNLOADED PM9 into the men's bathroom. When he returned to the range, a huge smile was on his face and unequivically said he would change out his Glock sights on both of his Glocks (22-27).

I haven't had time to replace my OEM P380 standard sights yet with XS Sights (XS Sights won't mfg sights for CA P380 because LCI interferes with sight picture). Using the P380, the LEO sent 30 rounds downrange! Wow, "compared to my Ruger LCP, this is a weapon instead of a "toy"! Can you guess he's SOLD on Kahr as is his grandson (10 yrs) who naturally I let use both my Kahrs!!

I'll keep all informed about my P380 frame replacement weapon. So far, so good! I expect more rounds downrange will eliminate any FTF problems!

Tough Guy Levi
Orange, CA
Procrastination collects more in taxes than all the IRS agents put together!!
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