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Old 11-03-2004, 07:42   #1
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web site access

I have a couple of guys here in the shop using computer for things other than what it should be used for. Is there a program out there I can install and restrict sites by name and not by ratings? I would prefer that it was free.

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Old 11-03-2004, 09:07   #2
Tennessee Slim
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Add those sites to the hosts file. Presuming the OS is an NT derivative, it’ll be in c:\%windir%\system32\drivers\etc. If it’s Win95/98/ME, it’ll be in C:\windows. For each site you want to block, add a line like this: pornsite.com

Use the real URL, of course, not the ‘pornsite.com’ in the example. Save and exit. Make sure whatever text editor you’re using doesn’t add an extension to the file name. It has to be just ‘hosts’, with no .doc, .txt, or .rtf. Also make sure the user doesn’t have permission to un-edit the file.

This causes that user’s PC to resolve the naughty URL to its own IP address (localhost). If the user is knowledgeable enough, however, they can ‘ping’ that URL from another (unrestricted) PC, note the site’s IP address in the response and use that IP address in the (restricted) PC’s browser rather than the URL. Not perfect, but at least it’s free.

Alternately, here is a freeware (that I can’t vouch for) that promises to do what you’re asking.
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Old 11-03-2004, 12:32   #3
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Join Date: Jun 2004
Location: Missoula
Posts: 105
Thanks for the fast reply Slim. Think I will go the software route since I am on a network. Just need to block this one computer. Make the lazy dweeb do some work.

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Old 11-03-2004, 13:39   #4
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Many routers also have a website blocking feature. However, the list of pornsites would eventually grow to enormous size.
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Old 11-03-2004, 21:48   #5
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Small question.

Are you the Network Administrator?

Be careful, you can get fired for messing arround with the companys property.

Just some helpful info.
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Old 11-04-2004, 13:17   #6
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I run the Maintenance part of the operation. As long as I do this on the local computer and not the network I am okay.

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