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space & time... where does it all end?

We all wish we had more space and time, yes? Space goes forever. If you fired a gun in space, the bullet would travel for eternity if it did not strike something, yes? The fired bullet would fly eternally through time and space. A man would live his life and perish into dust yet, the bullet would fly on, traveling through space while millions of generations of men come and go. Yes, the journey of a bullet, after traveling trillions upon trillions of light years and countless genarations of men, has just begun its travels through time and space. Why does the life of a man end yet, the bullet goes forever? Its got to be glory! Glory is a passing thing!
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I don't want to squash this great thought... but won't gravity created by planets, stars, etc this bullet passes in space effect it?

I know, I think about the oddes things ;g
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Right now seemingly dead daffodils and tulip bulbs lie buried beneath soil and snow. Inside withered brown bulbs, miniature plants cradle their bloom. When flowering is complete, seemingly dead foliage will feed the soil, enriching it for next year’s bloom. It's the same with us humans. Life goes on.
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