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One Day in the Life of W7DOA

A spin from "One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich" by Alexander Solzhenitsyn. A really dull book but nothing like my day... really.

We will skip a bit in a moment but let's start at 3:30 PM Oct. 14th (Fri). I a woken from a sound sleep by my two boys screaming and fighting and playing. So far it's normal. I get up and take a shower and begin to stir around for the day. If you are wondering I work graveyard so me getting up at 3PM is not unusual. I do a little research into doing voice ops through the ISS. At about 8PM I am pretty much ready to go to work. I leave by about 8:15. I clock in to work by 10 PM. We will skip most of a dull 8 hour shift on graveyard. I set my D700A to recieve APRS data packets from the ISS. At about 3 AM they start coming in. I am not there to monitor it so I am not beaconing just recieving. I miss the pass at 5:30 AM as well so I recieve a few more packets. But I am off shift and ready to play on APRS for the pass at 7 AM. But I notice that when it comes into view there are no data transmission. I grab my notes for voice ops and sure enough I get a call back from NA1SS. I actually do this while waiting for some buddies to show up for breakfast before the hamfest today. I go to the hamfest and buy a few tickets for the door prizes to help out the club. I hang around there for a while and then go and get my wife who was going to take the test today to get her license. She has to pay to get in to so I buy her a couple more tickets as well. They spin the tub to draw for the Grand Prize which is a Kenwood TM-V708A. And whos name do they draw? My wifes!!! She goes and takes her test and... well, better luck next time... whoo hooo, she can't use the radio so I get a brand new Kenwood!!!!! Ooooops, did I say that out loud??? What I meant to say was, she will study hard and pass the next time but in the mean time I will make sure it's properly installed and has completed the burn in cycle. It's now 4:30 PM Oct. 15th and I am going to bed to get up in about 3 hours to do it all over again. ;a

What a great and crazy day.
The simple believeth every word: but the prudent man looketh well to his going. ~Proverbs 14:15
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"A gun is a tool, Marion. No better and no worse than any other tool - an axe, a shovel, or anything.
A gun is as good or as bad as the man using it. Remember that." Alan Ladd as Shane (1953)

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