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Old 11-25-2005, 09:40   #1
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Who won the UFC fights


Did Franklin and Hughes win their fights?
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Old 11-25-2005, 10:24   #2
Scott Lowther
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Franklin by viscious KO over Quarry

Hughes by Kimura (shoulder lock) over Riggs
Scott A. Lowther
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Old 11-26-2005, 23:56   #3
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took this from forums

Nick Thompson - $6,000
Keith Wisniewski - $2,000
Thiago Alves - $4,000
Ansar Chalangov - $2,000
Sam Hogar - $10,000
Jeff Newton - $2,000
Jeremy Horn - $50,000
Trevor Prangley - $6,000
George St. Pierre - $35,000
Sean Sherk - $10,000
Matt Hughes - $110,000*
Joe Riggs - $12,000*
Gabriel Gonzaga - $6,000
Kevin Jordan - $3,000
Rich Franklin - $26,000
Nathan Quarry - $10,000

* Since Joe Riggs didn't make weight, he had to give up 10% of his paycheck. 5% went to NSAC and 5% went to Hughes, so Riggs actually made $10,800 and Hughes made $110,600.

That is the Pay for the fighters..I dont understand how Horn is making more than Franklin.
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Old 11-27-2005, 00:03   #4
Dapper Dan
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Originally posted by Scott Lowther

Franklin by viscious KO over Quarry

Vicious doesn't do that KO justice. It was amazing. Best I've ever seen. 10x harder than Liddel knocked out Couture.

Quarry was 1/2 paralyzed with one leg in the air shaking. I thought he was seriously injured. Maybe even dead.

As far as that pay scale that Torvalus posted. WTF.
Hughes is a bad ass. No doubt. But how is he making that much more than Franklin. More for sure. Maybe even double. But that's just a shame. For a non title fight too.
They made a big deal about how he fought even though he didn't have to since Riggs didn't make weight. Duh, for $110000 against a guy he knew he could beat.....Not exactly a hard or heroic choice.

If you didn't see it, you also missed the most boring 3 rounds of heavyweight action in history that somehow ended in a spectacular KO in the last 20 seconds or so. It almost made it worth sitting through 15 minutes of zero-action.
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Old 12-19-2005, 18:58   #5
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Franklin signed a six fight contract that he is two or three fights into. Don't worry, between all the sponships he has gotten and the free Hummer for Coaching TUF 2, he is OK. His next contract will be MUCH larger, plus he is probably on a rising payscale so the more he wins, the larger his purses.
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Old 12-20-2005, 14:32   #6
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I could not believe the beating Franklin handed Quarry.It was like Franklin ran over him with a mack truck.
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Old 01-04-2006, 18:11   #7
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Originally posted by Scott Lowther
Franklin by viscious KO over Quarry
In a way, it's kind of a shame they even let them fight. Take the world champion and put him against a guy who is fresh off the show (even had an injury there).
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Old 01-04-2006, 22:17   #8
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Fight purse is not determined by how bad***** a fighter is. It is determined by how many fans UFC can get to pay for a ticket or PPV. Hughes has a huge draw. Chuck Lidell and Randy Couture have some of the biggest purses in UFC.
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Old 01-07-2006, 19:15   #9
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My son is taking BJJ classes at a school that many UFC fighters train at. I saw Rich Franklin's Hummer that he won off the TUF show there the other week. Tim Sylvia, R. Franlin are there often.
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