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FRS/GMRS legal questions

Originally posted by R. Emmelman
The FCC does not have the manpower to enforce everywhere. However even though chances of getting cought for the casual user is small it does happen. Check out

Every so often you will see someone getting cited for unlicensed operation. Most times the FCC goes after the big fish (i.e. broadcasters and pirate stations) but I did see one where a hotel cleaning crew was using FRS/GMRS to talk to each other. The GMRS is probably enforced more when someone is interfering with a business. I don't think I would want to take the chance.

This was a response I got in a different thread. Rather than highjacking that thread I started this one.

I have always wondered about what these radios can actually be used for. There are several businesses here locally that are using them to keep track of their floor personel. Retail stores, hotels, etc.... A local fire chief here also wanted to use them for a low cost alternative for tac radios. I tried to talk him out of it since there are so many things wrong with it.

But from a legal aspect, can you use these FRS/GMRS radios for business and/or public service radios?
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R. Emmelman
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Check Out

The FCC has information here:


GMRS was one time known as class A citizens band. GMRS shares some frequencies with business band users.

Hope this helps.

Rich in Indy
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Nope. Can't use it for a businees.

ONly exception is if you bought a GMRS license bought before July 31, 1987 under a businees or company name (not an invidual's name).

More info:
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Old 12-26-2005, 23:34   #4
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We used FRS channels to talk back and forth on a trip from Rochester to Mankato, as we got seperated in Mankato we used the GMRS channels.
worked well around town. I did notice Mankato state university security used GMRS, Red Lobster used GMRS, some of the shopping centers also used GMRS.
On the trip back home I lost contact with them, so I placed my FRS-GMRS on scan and picked up quite a few people talking, a few kids (yes I messed with their heads a little by saying, " Fox one, Fox one, The MOLE is in the kitchen, the mole is in the kitchen...The chair is aginst the wall, michael has a large mustache...)

Anyways my 5 watt GMRS have a 5 mile range with small obstructions, I havent really tried them for clear unobstructed distance.
I think these things are going to go the way of the CB radio, and become free to operate.
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Ivory Kid
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Originally posted by BrianDamage
Nope. Can't use it for a businees.

ONly exception is if you bought a GMRS license bought before July 31, 1987 under a businees or company name (not an invidual's name).
I was under the impression that GMRS could be used for businesses... as long as everyone in the business was a member of the license holder's immediate family, or every person that uses the radio purchases a license for themselves.

Family Radio Service (FRS) on the other hand is NOT allowed for business use no matter what.
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