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Old 12-05-2005, 03:11   #1
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Question about one of my running processes

I saw a thread on ar15.com about how many processes people have running on thier computors.(right now I have 61 running) Someone posted this link there that is pretty helpful in describing what each one is. Process Library

I was going thru mine learing about all of them when I typed in svchost.exe (a process I have running) and this came up for it. svchost.exe description svchost.exe is actually listed 3 times in my task manager. Three times listed under user name (SYSTEM), one each under(LOCAL SERVICE) and (NETWORK SERVICE)

The first paragraph says it should not be terminated. The second paragraph on the other hand, says it may be a worm and to terminate it immediately. Anyone know what the deal is???;c

ETA: Found another one that's confusing. msmsgs.exe
Here's the link for that one.msmsgs.exe description

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one's a counterfeit ..

and the way you tell is it's in the wrong place.

go to that microsoft link.

read it. if you only have ONE of those processes.. you are ok.

but if there's TWO of em.. one's an imposter..

there's always a way to tell. file size is what i usually go by.

size matters.

and so does the OS you use, and how you've tweaked it..

if you're on XP, and havn't tweaked it, you're getting about 1/2 the performance you paid for.

XP does a ton of optional stuff by default that slows performance.

it's like running a car with every electrical accessory wide open.

after a while, you notice.

i recommend XenTweak (and you'll LOVE the result if you'll have a rabid geek walk you through the process, don't experiment, cause i don't want to be yelled at)

it's here: http://www.x9k.net/ and it's free.
don't mix and match techs. what works for one, may not work with a few tiny differences. stick to one tech you trust.
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Re: one's a counterfeit ..

Originally posted by mitchshrader
...read it. if you only have ONE of those processes.. you are ok.

but if there's TWO of em.. one's an imposter..
That needs clarification. If there is more than one svchost.exe in different locations on the HD, then one is an imposter. It is OK for more than one svchost.exe service to be running at a time.
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Old 12-05-2005, 21:20   #4
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Better link :


Also, if you really want to find out what is running, use this :


It is not unusual to have multiple instances of svchost.exe running, each one is a different service windows is running.

msmsgs.exe is Windows Messenger, I prefer to remove it entirely by running

RunDll32 advpack.dll,LaunchINFSection %windir%\inf\msmsgs.inf,BLC.Remove

from start - run.

Here is a screenshot of what my task manager is running on bootup, WinXP SP2 :

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