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A man was out driving in the country, and a cat runs out in front of him. He can't stop or avoid the critter, and hits it...."SPLAT!"
He goes up to the nearest farmhouse, knocks on the door, and asks the lady if she has a cat, 'cause he just hit one on the road.
"I have several cats, as do the neighboring farms," she says, "So I don't know if the one you hit is mine. What does it look like?"
The guy falls on his back, curls his fingers like claws, goes all bug-eyed, sticks his tongue out and croaks, "Kinda like THIS!"
"You're a HORRIBLE man," cried the woman...."I mean, what did he look like before you killed him?"
The guy covers his eyes with his hands, and screams, "AUUGGGHHH!"
Don't dial 911, dial 1911
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;z I like jokes with good visuals!
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