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Cool Guy
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Gelatin test: CCI GamePoint .22WMR JSP.

For the first time in nearly ten years, I finally got my hands on some soft points in my beloved .22WMR. I was certainly excited to test these rounds as I believed them to be the perfect round for not only small game (to minimize meat damage) as well as medium game for deep penetration.

Gelatin used was Clear Ballistics gelatin with 3.25" calibration. Shots were conducted from 10 feet (more on this later). My set up was a 16x6x6 inch block with a cinder block to the rear to capture and escaping bullets.

Using a Marlin 25MN, I fired my first shot. While there did seem to be a decent tract, I was surprised to see that the bullet had exited the 16" block and was not recovered. For the next to shots, I laid the cinder block next to the gelatin block to help capture the shots. To my surprise, not only did the bullets make a good 1/4" deep crater in the cinder block, but it also caused the bullets to bounce back into the gelatin. Upon expansion, the nose of the bullet was perfectly intact (not good). However, there was significant deformation to the side/rear of the bullet where I suspect the bullet deflected off the cinder block. Each deflected round was found about 1 to 1 1/2 inches inside the block.

Once again the nose of the bullet showed no deformation, which was a huge disappointment to me. Using the relatively long barrel of the 25MN (22" IIRC) at a range of just ten feet, I cant imagine that these bullets would perform any better than a FMJ at any distance which is why I stopped testing at that range.

I seen a test that BrassFetcher conducted that used a Remington Soft Point (and even a shorter barrel) and I was genuinely impressed with the results. With CCI being a better company, the improved technology of the .22WMR, and the longer barrel used in the test I was really hoping to find a game changer. However, for now I will stick with either CCI 40 grain Gold Dot (by far my favorite) or the Hornady FTX (45 grain?).

I just wanted to pass this info along to anyone who is considering using this load to hunt with. It is no better than an FMJ and at a distance you are looking as nothing more thn a .22LR with a round nose. Stick with something proven.

I didnt even feel like doing pictures of this test but if anyone wants me to redo the 40 grain Gold Dot and 45 grain FTX I may get around to it soon with plenty of documentation, pictures, ect. This is just a huge let down by the CCI company and I really wish this round had more potential.
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Bill Keith
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Good report...thanks for posting
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Cool Guy
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I decided to take a few pictures of one the CCI Gamepoints I recovered. I did not recover one of them. Sorry for the bad quality.

Here you can see the nose of the bullet did not expand.
Rimfire Forum
It simply acted like and FMJ, although there was damage in the gelatin was somewhat impressive (somewhat like a 5.7x28mm), I was hoping to get an expanding projectile and 12-16 inches of penetration which is generally what I get with the JHPs I have tested.

This is the side of the bullet that stuck the cinderblock. Rimfire Forum
As you can see, it still had plenty of power in it, even after traveling through 16 inches of gelatin. I would guess total penetration with something like this would be around 25 inches of so. [For what its worth, I tested the CCI 40 grain Gold Dot and it exploded when it hit the gelatin. IIRC I got about 10 inches of penetration from the largest fragment. I reminded me of a half scale 60 grain .223 Ballistic tip if that makes and sense. It was certainly one of the best .22 Magnums I have ever tested. CCIs generic Maxi Mag 40 grain HP typically holds together somewhat well, expand to about .40, and penetration 11-14 inches, at least in my testing. Others may get different results, especially depending on the length of the barrel used.
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