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Old 04-21-2007, 00:26   #1
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follow your dream.

i'm 22 and i have one semister left in college. since i started, i wished i would have gone into the armed forces. i think when i graduate, i might to into the navy and try to get into the program myself. a guy i work with was a greek seal and a good guy, i asked him about it, and we've talked, he's seen my work ethic and he approached me one day and said i should try to do it.
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Old 04-21-2007, 06:18   #3
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If you are having to ask this question on a forum, then the SeAL's are not for you.

On the other hand though, if you really want something then put out the effort and work for it. Look up the PRT requirements on the internet and create a stringent workout schedule which includes swimming, running, pullups, pushups, and situps.
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Old 04-21-2007, 06:20   #4
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Just a few thoughts...I don't know you but.....

1) It is not a job, it is a lifestyle.

2) You wouldn't be asking here if you knew it was for you.

3) You wouldn't have all the questions/concerns if you knew it was for you.

4) Wasting your degree? If you can put down you spent XX yrs in the Navy as a special operator and show a rank...how could that possibly hurt you?

Best of Luck.

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Old 04-21-2007, 06:50   #5
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Why don't you ask a friggin recruiter?
Blessed be the LORD, my rock, Who trains my hands for war, And my fingers for battle. Psalm 144:1

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Old 04-21-2007, 10:13   #6
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No disrespect to the OP but like some have already stated, if you are having these doubts, then maybe the SEALS are not for you, You've worked hard on your physique and received a college degree. Both are commendable things. However, doing something that you really love, like becoming a SEAL, Ranger, Marine Recon, etc. and feeling the pride that comes from belonging to an elite group is priceless. I knew from a very young age I wanted to be a Marine and when I was old enough , I signed up. My friends all went to college after High School. I joined the Marine Corps and got my degree later. Not one regret. Either you want to be there or you don't. Period.

Good luck with your decision.
There is no such thing as an Ex-Marine...Once a Marine always a Marine. Semper Fi!
Remember, it's mind over matter..If you don't mind, it don't matter.
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Old 04-21-2007, 10:34   #7
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I am sure there are plenty of enlisted team members that have a degree. I'll bet if you could see a timeline for the process, you would see becoming a team member as an enlisted guy is much quicker. I think you can try to qualify right in basic these days. Get in, get going, and then go to OCS. I would assume that there are open slots all the time for officers to be team leaders. I would certainly repect you more by knowing what you are doing BEFORE you lead men into potential combat. BTW, I didn't know there was a "too big" for the teams.

I met some big'uns and some small'uns.

Don't sell yourself short before you even try. But if you need to be talked into it then its not for you.
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Old 05-04-2007, 18:08   #8
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since I will have a college degree, I honestly feel like I would kind of be "wasting" it by enlisting the Navy.
College degrees are not uncommon among enlisted these days, but as others have said, it's a lifestyle you either want to live or don't.
This may sound narcissistic, but I'd have to witness my hardearned muscle slowly atrophy away as I trained for SEALs. More of a pyschological pain than anything... :(
I'm no SEAL, but I had an window on the Coronado oceanside and if you really belive the above to be true, you don't have a clue. Don't waste their time.
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Old 05-05-2007, 03:08   #9
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the reason that you join a branch of the military is because you want the TRAINING that you will receive by being a part of that military occupational specialty/branch, and because you want to work at that job.

Do YOU want naval commando/assault team member training? Do YOU want to do that work as a job?

What do you mean, "you're too big?" Six foot /230 isn't too big for any military specialty I know anything about.
"Wasting" your college degree by serving in the Navy?

You're pretty misinformed, Cowboy.

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Old 05-06-2007, 17:42   #10
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not a SEAL. . .

Good info re BUD/S. It's not for us to decide.
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Old 05-06-2007, 17:48   #11
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If you have any doubt in your mind then it is not for you. It's all in or all out, no Grey area on this decision.

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Old 05-08-2007, 20:25   #12
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First, I'm not a SEAL. But here's my advice:

Check out The SEAL Quest, a website/blog run by Kory Knowles, a former SEAL. Many of the forums discuss apprehension, training, do I have what it takes?, etc. All the things you would want to know to prepare for BUD/S.

Doubting upfront is fine if you are searching for a career/lifestyle. BUD/S is designed to augment that doubt and really weed out the ones who don't want to be there.
Every BUD/S student does a gut check wondering if they will make it. Those that do are the ones who take that doubt and use it to overcome.

But, alot of guys have the physical tools for the training but fail mentally.

Also check out stewsmith.com where you'll find out there's no weights at bootcamp. Stew has written several books on military preparation.

Also, check out the Discovery Channel documentary on Class 234 which details going through the 3 phases of BUD/S.

Also, check out Dick Couch's The Warrior Elite ( correct title ) and another book Suffer in Silence.

Your last comment on losing muscle is quite misguided. Have you ever seen a skinny SEAL? Whatever you might lose in overall weight you will more than make up for in overall strength, stamina, ability to endure extreme hardships and an attitude to conquer anything.

Do more research and reflect on if its a life you want.
If it is then go for it with all you've got because they require that and more. It will make bodybuilding seem like patty cake.
"For my part, whatever the anguish of spirit it may cost, I am willing to know the whole truth; to know the worst and provide for it."
Patrick Henry

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Old 05-12-2007, 17:43   #13
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You are greatly misinformed in the matter.

Again like the above posters said, if you question yourself then it is not for you. Sad but true. Being in a tactical group takes a lot, not physical but mental strength.

I was not a Seal but worked with them and they are a great bunch of guys. They start with a regular job (rate in Navy terms) on their contract but first they will try for the SEAL program (challenge). If they fail or quit at BUDS, then they will go to their A school. Again, some have college degrees and some don't. They just decided to serve, plain and simple. If you do join, don't go acting like an ass because you have a degree. That will get you a lot of special attention. Your degree will not be in vain. If something happens while you’re in, (injury) then when you get out, you can still do something.

As for the physical aspect, most of them are not bodybuilders. They just keep their weight, exercise and keep in shape. Yes not skinny, but lean.

"I love the ultra-hardcore attitude they portray"

What are you talking about here? Don't go by the Hollywood image on this one. They are normal guys that have a special job. Just don't mess with them if you see them calm in a bar having a beer minding their business. Quiet dog, big and painful bite.

Just think about what do you want to do. Only you will decide at the end. I used to see them (BUDS) train and go around carrying the rafts everywhere they go. They looked all tired, but they wanted the challenge.

Good luck.
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Old 05-15-2007, 02:23   #14
Crazy Ed
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I spent 30 years in the Navy, retiring as a BMCM(EOD) in 2003. The last 22 years I was an EOD Diver. After reading all that you wrote, in all honesty and not trying to put you off, don't do it. I have about half a dozen friends who are SEALS cross trained in EOD. You would have to make way too many adjustments on both the physical and mental side of your prep. I don't think you would make it. Seriously, if you need this forum to talk you into it, you're not ready. It's an all or nothing program that only you can decide.

Go to http://www.navyseals.com and check it all out for yourself, if you haven't already. If it's something you still want to do, there is plenty of info there to help you get ready. Best of luck whatever you decide to do.

Retired Navy MCPO; DAV; NRA Life Member
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