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Old 09-25-2013, 11:35   #1
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Dog who barks and chews too much

Hi all,

My friend recently came into possession of a poorly trained but loveable dog who is nevertheless stressing her out. The dog is probably about a year old, and barks incessantly when she's not paying attention to him and/or is out of the house. It seems that one of the neighbours became sick of this to the point where they threw a chocolate bar smeared with sleeping pill powder over the fence a while ago (best guess of the vet; my friend found the chewed chocolate bar and a seriously stoned dog when she got home from work in the wee hours of the morning). So the barking is a problem. Can't really fault the neighbours for complaining about the barking, I suppose, but the chocolate bar was going too far and frankly makes my knuckles itch. The dog also chews things too much (furniture, carpet etc) and turns whatever room he is in upside down while she's at work. She doesn't want to leave him outside due to the guy with the chocolate bar, and also because he'll probably try to eat the cane toads in the area and be poisoned.

Any thoughts on how to stop him barking without harming him in the process would be welcome.
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I would get a trail camera if they don't already have one. The barking issue can wait until the real danger is addressed.
Once the dog is safe there are many solutions including collars or wall/post mount anti bark devices which make an unpleasant noise inaudible to humans.

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Exercise the dog, they need activity.
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