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CCW Question

Hope this hasn't been addressed to death already, but my CCW class, scheduled for September 8, includes qualifying with TWO different weapons. Since I own only one, can I rent a gun like the next one I plan on buying and shoot with that? I won't be buying for a few weeks.
My concern is that the CCW will list a serial number as part of the gun description, and of course, that won't be from MY gun.
Thanks in advance!
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You have to have a blue card for the gun you are qualifying with. The gun has to be registered to you. The permit doesn't list serial numbers, just models. So if you qualify with a glock 22, you can carry any glock 22, as long as it is registered to you.

One thing I found out though. Husbands and wives can co register guns so they can both qualify with and carry the same gun
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Ask your instructor. According to the changes that just went through, you need to qualify with any semi-auto you plan to carry, but now if you qualify with a revolver, and can carry any revolver. Your permit will still have a model for the revolver, but it is legal to carry any revolver. PLEASE double check this with your instructor, before taking my word as gospel. I believe the intent of having models on your permit is that you have to show an instructor you know how your gun works. With semi-autos there are lots of different systems, but with a revolver, they all basically operate the same. My instructor was nice enough to let me qualify with his Colt as well as my g27. Most instructors charge like $10 to add any addition guns to your permit, and I believe you can have up to 12 on file. This also may vary slightly from county to county. I hope this helps.
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New changes goto into effect 10-01-2007.
CCW application submited before that are still under the old system (ie. revolver has to be listed, non-resident permits good for 3 years)

Under the new changes, revolvers are changed to a category (qualify with one, can carry any) and non-resident permits are good for 5 years.
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