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Old 01-12-2008, 14:39   #201
was "Patronus"
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Originally Posted by patmcf79 View Post
I am headed to the court house on Monday to apply for my CCW. I don't know why I have waited so long. Looking back I have always put myself in situations where if I needed help in a hostile situation there would be no one around to help. Over the summer I was biking in Arlington VA to Mount Vernon and of all places almost got mugged in Old Town Alexandria. I had a guy run up behind me while I was on my bike and try to take me down with a metal pipe. Fortunately I hear him coming by his feet hitting the pavement and looked behind me to see the pipe over his head getting ready to strike. I pumped outta there and out ran him. I got a few blocks away and called the cops. Being a concerned citizen I waited for the cops, saw a cruiser 3 blocks away with its lights on. Hopped on my bike and headed toward the cruiser. upon entering one of the intersections between me and the cop the BG appeared and started chasing me again. I turned and again in the opposite direction. This time he really chased me on foot. Far enough to where any police were now out of site. I would have kept going until I saw a lady on the bike trail walking her dogs. I stopped to look out for this lady and warn her and by this time he was about 20 yards away. I about 6' 200lbs and when i got off my bike and picked it up to show that my bike was a bigger weapon than his metal pipe I guess he changed his mind and walked back to town. All in all I look back and realize it could have been far worse if I had not had a bike or he had a gun. Theres a lot more to this story but you can bet for now on when mountain biking or where ever allowed I will be carrying.
I just sent you a Private Message.

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Old 01-12-2008, 18:28   #202
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Just observing all the mouth breathers at my local Wal Mart made me want to get my CCW. Very inspiring.
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Old 01-12-2008, 19:37   #203
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I got a couple of PMs asking for the other details...

It took the cops more than 20mins to arrive, the officers on scene asked if I was armed (I wasn't) and once everything got straightened out she (the officer) said carrying a form of self defense is maybe something that I should consider since a lot of bike trails go through remote and secluded areas where help in such a situation is not readily available. I then kind of stated the obvious that I/we were in a city and help still wasn't readily available referencing the 20min response time they had. She agreed. Then I come to find out that the old lady walking her dogs that I stopped to safeguard personally new the perp and was never scared of him. He was the regular town idiot apparently. The cops took him to the hospital since he was mental. They told me to go to the magistrates office the next day and press charges to insure he goes to trial and gets locked up. I did so and the magistrate told me that they actually arrested him while he was at the hospital because he was assaulting the orderly and now with my story was able to attach two more charges (attempted assault and I don't really remember the other). Then the magistrate told me the same thing the female cop said about carrying.

Another time I was hiking in Great Falls VA with a girl I was dating and we came across a few park rangers arresting someone. By the time we arrive on the scene they had the guy secured in a car and he wasn't around. I asked what happened and the ranger said he was threatening hikers with a bowie knife. The ranger then proceeded to carry on with a discarded weapons search. We didn't stick around long enough to know if they found the knife. I was a lot younger then and at the time didn't realize that if my girl and I were an hour earlier we may have been in a similar situation like I was in Old Town Alexandria.

After hearing about the VA Tech shootings which I have a few friends effected by it, and the mall and church shootings I realized that the only one looking out for my immediate well being is myself. So as being a responsible citizen and having the rights to protect myself and others I figured its in my best interest to get a CCW.
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Old 01-12-2008, 20:12   #204
Pinche Gringo
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I grew up with guns, always had a handgun (since college at least) and living in TX and CO I always thought "no big deal, it's in the car if I need it".

Last spring I was at Walmart with my wife and 1 yr old and I notice the lady behind us in line is crying and shaking like a leaf (she also has a 1 yr old with her). I ask her what's wrong and she explains that she's a county jail guard and a guy she tazed is stallking her through the store, she left her badge and gun in the car.

I ended up escorting her out and the dirtbag is walking the lot with three buddies looking for her (as she's telling me all the bad stuff he's been locked up for), I get her and her kid in the car and my wife pulls up and I hop in the truck and she has my .45 on her lap and the first thing she asks is when I'm getting my permit.

I'm glad I did, I'm safer and learned a lot, still don't know why in the hell I didn't sit tight inside and wait for the cops to get there. (much less why she didn't know to) Just glad I know better now and am better prepared.
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Old 01-13-2008, 04:05   #205
Is it Plastic??
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I live about an hour away from New Orleans... Do I really need another reason?
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Old 01-13-2008, 10:19   #206
was "Patronus"
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Originally Posted by Dresden View Post
I live about an hour away from New Orleans... Do I really need another reason?
Absolutely not.

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Old 01-13-2008, 16:02   #207
CLM Number 282
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I protected my country for over twenty-three years while serving in the military. It was okay to protect my country, the Constitution, Bill of Rights and to protect our freedom.

These same politicains wanted to ban guns and deny me the same rights that I fought for. These politicains have bodyguards, Secret Service Agents and so-on to protect them and their families. BUT they didn't see any reason that anyone else should have the same right! I think I earned that right like every other law-abiding citizen in the United States has.

I have my CCW and I carry everyday! My wife is in the waiting period to get her permit. Both of my children have been shooting since they were 7 years old. I will protect my family with the same force and same way that I defended my country!!!

If you don't have your CCW you are only fooling yourself that bad things will never happen to you or your loved ones. CCW is your RIGHT and you should use it before some politicain takes it away from you!

//G27/ G23//

"A citizen who shirks his duty to contribute to the security of his community is little better than the criminal who threatens it."
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Old 01-13-2008, 20:36   #208
Pack'n Llama
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September 11th was my defining moment. It became readily apparent to me that we are all responsible for ourselves that day, and by the 12th I was standing in a gun store contemplating my second ever gun purchase (first was my Sig Pro that I had bought for home defense 8 months earlier), my Glock 26. I signed up for the CCW class that same day as well.

I usually carried outside of work only after that, but a few months later some guys robbed a nearby liquor store with shot guns and were last seen running into the building I worked in. I still have vivid memories of seeing the SWAT team entering a stairwell searching for them while I was in a glass elevator heading up to my floor. After that, I have just about always carried at all times (short of visits to the bar).
Glock 17, 26
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I'm one of those that's a little late getting my CHL. I'm 27 and am going to take the class next Saturday. I recently bought a Walther P22(cheap ammo for when I want to shoot all day without going broke) and a Glock 26(will be my carry gun, but for now is my in-car gun).
Fortunately I've never been in any situations where I've needed to defend myself. So there wasn't really a defining moment for me, just the slow realizations that it's only part of being responsible.
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Old 01-14-2008, 08:56   #210
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Being near a campus shooting will wake you the hell up.

They can tell me all they want about how April 16th was an anomaly... the only anomaly to me was that I didn't get into German that year and if I had, I might have been one of those 32 memorial stones I have to walk by every day on the way to class.

I don't need someone to decide when I am safe- I will be responsible for my own safety, as I should be. My permit is currently pending.
"The foolishness of that comment is so deep, I can only ascribe it to higher education. You HAVE to have gone to college to say something that stupid."
~Radio talk show host
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Old 01-14-2008, 13:39   #211
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The night my daughter was born was the defining moment of my life. And it's a messed up world out there. I carry my G27 everywhere it is legal to do so here in Maine. Shoot as often as I can. If I had the money I'd open an indoor range. We really don't have anywhere to shoot when it's 30 degrees and snowing (like today)... winter is REALLY long here.

Was talking to the Dep. Chief of our city pd at a get together the other night. He said he did not carry off-duty. Asked me the expected questions... did I have a permit, take a safety class, know the laws... yes, yes, yes. As he patted me on the back he said something like "That's great. I wish more people did all of those things, including carry."

Next to my Concealed Weapons Permit in my wallet, I carry the business card of the attorney who taught the legal portion of my safety class.

I actually feel naked and vulnerable when not carrying.
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Old 01-14-2008, 17:39   #212
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I was in a car wreck in November 98 and sustained a C-6/C-7 Spinal cord injury which has left me in a wheelchair. I now have had my ccp for two years because the bad guys look at me as an easy mark.
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Old 01-16-2008, 23:43   #213
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my wife is filipina. even though we have been married for 4 years, I sometimes have diffuculty understanding what she is saying. saying that, me and my wife had an argument in the car on the way home from wally-world. me being upset, stomped the gas, stupid idea in the first place. the guy behind me took it as a sign i wanted to race him. he had a brand new dodge truck, i have a fairly new pontiac sunfire 4 cylinder. i'm sure everyone knows which one would have won in a race. he followed me all the way to my home. all i could think is "how can I occupy him until I get my gun?", luckily with some choice words he thought better of the situation. me, my wife, and infant son where in the car. Next day, applied for CCW.
If at first you don't succed, skydiving may not be for you.

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Old 01-17-2008, 02:24   #214
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I stopped reading at about post #200.

My 1-word answer (why I carry)? Meth.

I decided to carry after having several hair-raising events happening to me, but probably the big one was, me, my wife, and her sister went to a club to see a band play. Because I was driving, I wasn't drinking. After closing time, we hung around and talked to the band for a little while.

I was sober, my wife had a few, and Sis was kinda tanked. As we were walking to the car, a car pulled up to Sis (3 guys inside) and the passenger grabbed her and tried to pull her into the front seat. I WAS SHOCKED. Anyway, I threw the keys to my wife and said "get the car ready", and grabbed Sis from behind (my arms around her waist). My wife performed exceptionally well- she opened both driver-side doors, got in the passenger seat, and started the car. The guy wouldn't let her go. I VERY DISTINCTLY remember thinking that if I was armed, I would have at least screwed my gun into his ear, and quite possibly shot him. All I know is that there was no way that they were getting her into that car. I was worried that the driver would just punch it and we would be in trouble if he did.

Anyway, I felt the guy's grip relax, and with everything I had left, I heaved her out of the window. In one move, I pulled her from his grip, carried her to the car, threw her into the backseat, got in, and took off.

Well, this apparently irritated the guys, because they came after us. I got on the freeway, and tried to get pulled over. We were going 105 MPh for probably 15 miles at 2:30 AM, and never saw a cop. My wife dialed 911 way back at the bar, and was on the phone with them pretty much the whole time. Funny thing, the 911 person was more interested in telling my wife to make me stop, as if that was going to happen. I never spoke to a police officer that night.

I knew there was a sharp curve ahead, and we couldn't make it at that speed, so I went from the left lane to an exit ramp on the right (I almost didn't make it), and he couldn't react fast enough.

I have read about women getting abducted before, but NOTHING prepared me for having it happen while I was right there.

A couple years later, we were talking about the incident over Thanksgiving dinner, and Sis not only didn't remember it, she was saying "You're crazy" and "That did NOT happen" and things like that.

Here I had a life-changing event, and she didn't even remember it.

Haven't been to a bar since.
I want to make it home at the end of my shift, too.
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Lone Wolf8634
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I've had a couple of bad experiences in the last 15 years of driving a truck, Not anything major, just the typical "I sure wish I wasnt here" type of stuff. Homeless people are, for the most part, harmless enough. Lot lizzards tend to be a little phsycotic but they dont really confront you.

I live in what used to be a pretty safe state, but with the meth problem in the country it seems that our wide open spaces are attracting a new kind of critter, they just keep busting meth labs in the town I live in and its starting to make me nervous.

I'm gonna start carrying all the time when I'm at home on time off, more crime in our area now than anytime since I've lived there. Ironicly, the place where I'm most likely to need the protection is the one place I'll probly never be able to carry.
"Before diagnosing yourself with depression or low self esteem, be sure that you are not, in fact, surrounded by A-holes." - William Gibson

"Just because I don't care, doesn't mean I don't understand." - Homer Simpson
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Jack Greenwell
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Originally Posted by mike1969 View Post

Do you know the fear of looking down the barrel of a rifle pointed at you, not knowing if that moment in time is the last?? If the thug decides to be a heartless asshat and shoots you for your last 15 dollars.?? It sucks, and I refuse to be a victim again. Im not saying Im gung-ho and am looking for an excuse to just shoot someone. Its far from that, but if I have to defend myself, I will.
And the crime that happens on a daily basis, is another reason.

Many, many, many glocktalkers have had a similiar experience and dont wish to selected to be a victim again. And those that havent, dont want to be the next one.
While working for a rental real estate firm I was mowing a tenants lawn when a Pitbull that I didn't know came into the yard, the Pitbull was very playfull and loving but the owner did not like me playing with his dog. I had never met the owner before that day, the dog lived just next door and the owner came out the back door carrying a snubnose revolver. Several times he pointed the gun at me and kept yelling. Later that day I quit my job, now looking back I'm glad I had the chance, if he had decided to fire I would have been defenseless. I cannot desribe the feeling of vulnerability, and I will do my best to never feel it again.
When men are pure, laws are useless; when men are corrupt, laws are broken. -Benjamin Disraeli
Are we at last brought to such humiliating and debasing degradation, that we cannot be trusted with arms for our defense. - Patrick Henry

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Originally Posted by magnetnerd View Post
Virginia Tech.

I don't go anywhere where I think I'll ever need a gun, but neither did those kids, I'm sure.

I also don't like to rely on other people for anything, beyond what's absolutely necessary. So, it doesn't make sense for me to assume the police or anyone else will protect me at all times. That's my job; not theirs.
+1 ...
Florida Glocker 101
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Why did I decide to CCW? Because I now live in a state where I can.

I grew up from the earliest age owning and using firearms and am very familiar with them but until a few years ago never had carrying one for self defense as on option, because the states where I lived prohibited it.

But even after moving to a concealed carry state and getting my CCW several years ago, I didn't carry on a lot of occaisions for various reasons (most of them poor ones, I now admit). But, twice in the past year I have been confronted with dangerous situations where I wished I had been armed and I wasn't. In one of them, I count myself very fortunate to escape with both life and limb intact and only a quick and correct reaction to the situation saved my neck.

Trouble can lurk anywhere, even when you least expect it, as in my two recent encounters. I no longer assume there are "safe" and "unsafe" places and while in the "safe" place I don't have to worry about carrying protection. Now I carry everywhere I legally can.

My wife used to think I was being paranoid when I carried. But she was with me on one of the above encounters and was frightened. She wasn't with me on the second but saw how shook I was immediately after it happened (and I don't usually "shake" easily). She is now my greatest cheerleader on being armed and ready. She neither wants to be a widow nor a victim and now sees how easily it can happen in our everyday affairs even being in a supposedly "safe" area.

Bad people can be anywhere, even when and where you least expect them. If you can be there, so can they. And usually a cop isn't.
"Piss on golf. Real Americans go to the range." -LTC Dave Grossman, Self-Defense Expert
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Old 01-18-2008, 20:55   #219
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I work in Community Corrections where they've been dumping mentally unstable felons for years (no funding left for psych facilities). Not to mention we've housed folks who had big prices on their heads from gangs, dealers and even the Russian Mafia. It only took a few death threats from bi-polar, manic depressive, schizophrenics to make me realize I needed protection. Being as my employer is not DOC, just a DOC contractor, we had no right to carry legally. The day the CCW law passed, I got legally armed.
.50 Cal Long Distance... The next best thing to being there.

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I watched the local news.
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