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Old 04-24-2009, 10:59   #541
JR is the name
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Originally Posted by AZson View Post
It's just a warm and comforting feeling.
x2 another reason
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NASA reject
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I went to Miami to visit a girlfriend who had recently moved there. It was 1993 shortly after Hurricane Andrew. Her next-door neighbors were a lovely couple from North Florida, the man the son of the President of the FL BAR assoc. and handled a fleet of pickups for the endless debris removal. I was a semi-pro fighter, and worked security for VIPs at night. (No gun except at home in Palm Beach.)

The second day I was there I was getting dressed and heard screaming outside. I ran out front and a brindle pitbull was trying deperately (and successfully) to eat the next-door couple's gorgeous Siberean Husky. I grabbed the dog by the back legs and picked up both dogs. It was a nightmare. Christopher (6'3" and 280) grabbed the husky and we were pulling for all we were worth. Finally the skin on the husky's chest gave way and I hurled the dog as high as I could to get it over the 10-foot chainlink fence we were close to that ran the length of our subdivision. I failed to get the dog over, and I was screaming for a firearm the whole time. (My GF had a .357 but she was gone with her roomate. ) Chris yelled at his girlfriend to go get a shotgun, while the pitbull hit the ground running and grabbed the dog again. I grabbed it and threw it again, getting it to the top horizontal rail, and it bounced back and resumed the attack. The husky was not doing well, and it and the girfriend were making a hell of a shrieking racket. Still no firearm. On the third throw I got this 75-pound bundle of muscle over the fence, and we ran into their house and slammed the door. They were completely winded and hysterical. I ran 6 miles a day, so all I wanted was the shotgun he'd yelled for. It was a magnificent Beretta collector's grade....with not a single shell.

I was up to fight round-robin (kumite') for the FL State title in Mid-Heavyweight that month, so I was in superb physical condition, but throwing the dog had torn my forearm muscle loose from the bone.

The owner of the dog turned out to live in the complex. She gave me the dog without question. (It died of lead poisoning).

A couple months later in the same complex I went to my car to go to work, as I had gotten a 911 call at 1AM. There was a big buck with a Slimjim down in the door of my Malibu. I said, "DUDE! What are you doing?" He said, "AY! F$#@ YOU!" I said, "Wrong answer," and kicked his ribs to pieces, and went to punch his chin and hit the end of his elbow. My right index finger shattered badly, and I told him I'd kill him if I saw him again. Drove myself to the ER and they X-rayed the finger and said "Hand Surgeon; sorry, Pal," and sent me on my way with a splint.

While my hand healed I applied for my CCW. When I got it I went on a shopping spree. Been carrying ever since. Having a firearm has saved my life or the life of someone in my company 13 times since then. I'm still here.
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Old 05-07-2009, 04:28   #543
NASA reject
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Originally Posted by Prometheus77 View Post
The light bulb clicked for me when my 7th grade spanish teacher was raped and murdered, found dead off of I-95 when I was living in Florida.

It was strange that she was one of this nut jobs victim, after all, she was a 3rd degree belt and won several regional awards in competitions. My mom made the comment, too bad she didn't have a gun. My parents owned a pistol and shotgun, but never carried or really talked about them.

I though that was a great idea.

When the smoke cleared a year later they caught the guy after murdering and killing a couple other women on I-95 and surrounding state highways... thats what taught me to be very cautious of the police and not to blindly trust them. He was a FHP officer who was caught by a fellow Trooper in the act. Guy is still sitting on death row as far as I know.
I remember this well. The case they convicted him on made the History chanell. He had tried to swap barrels on his duty gun, and caught him cold that way after his coworker spotted him with the newest vic. Right?
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Old 05-07-2009, 04:53   #544
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Interesting of hear many of these stories. Some would not have required permits at all in Florida. Here, we can carry a gun in a computer bag, a cooler or whatever, and no permit is required to carry a loaded handgun in the glove compartment of your car. The only reason you'd need a concealed permit would be if you wanted to walk around with it tucked under your shirt or in some other such fashion in public.

Defining Event: My friend and I were just sitting at a picnic table talking one night when a drunk walked up to us, waved a pistol at us for no reason, laughed and walked away. I already had a good collection, but I said, "Tomorrow I'm getting my concealed permit and a Kel-Tec." (Kel-Tecs are tiny.) But Kel-Tecs, though covered by a lifetime warranty, are rare if they can fire 100 rounds before suffering a catastrophic malfunction. You generally destroy one in practice at the range, mail it back to Ocala, get a new one back, and never practice with it again. It's a 7 yard gun in truth anyway. So generally, here in Florida, we only use them as "summer guns", because they can be carried in a front pocket without being seen. In the cooler months, I carry a full size G21SF in my jacket.

Thankfully, I've never had occasion to use either one.
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Old 05-10-2009, 17:06   #545
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A defining moment

Well, let's see. As some others have posted, it was a lot of little things that added up.

1. Past LEO. Got used to having a firearm on my hip or under my arm.
2. 500+ murders in Washington DC in one year when I lived in the area.
3. Elderly wife.
4. My duty to my wife and family to be their protector in case the contents of the septic system hits the ventilation system
5. The tipping point came when there were, in the space of three weeks, 15 murders in Atlanta. Where I'm stationed, IN A WAR ZONE, we haven't lost 15 soldiers in two years.

I don't specifically carry concealed, I usually open carry. Except for one store, I've not had any issues.
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Old 05-10-2009, 21:05   #546
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Just like a seatbelt, I hope I never need it but it's there if I do.

Moving to "the big city" was an eye opener for me as well. There are a lot of maniacs. A few summers ago some meathead in traffic was pissed at me for "cutting him off" (he actually came into my lane) and kept screaming at me to pull over. Two winters ago I witnessed some wacko running down the sidewalk shooting at someone.
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Old 05-11-2009, 17:13   #547
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Missouri has had "Shall Issue" for a few years now but I just hadn't gotten off my butt to get a CCW. Recently Missouri also added a "Castle Doctrine" law to the books and my neighbor and I were talking about it and the way this country seemed to be headed. He mentioned he, his wife and brother were thinking of getting CCW permits but they needed 4 people for the class. I figured it was time and became the 4th for the class. So now there a 4 new CCW permits in the neighborhood.
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Old 05-12-2009, 00:08   #548
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My turning point was a murder that happened in my small town in NW Michigan. A hotel night clerk was killed and raped less then a mile from where I work (at night). I'm the only one in my place of business from 2am till 7am (when the day shift starts to come in).

Michigan became shall issue in 2000 I've carried every night at work since then.

The other reason I carry is Because I can.
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Old 05-17-2009, 16:30   #549
Mr Big
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I went to the class for my ccw but never turned it in, fast foward 3 years Orlando has a really bad police chief and crime is on the rise, I had several people close to me muged so I turned in my paper work and a month later had my permit. Fast foward another year which puts us at oh about 2 months ago I'm on the way to my friends apt to pick her up to go see a movie and there are cops everywhere ( of course i'm carring my g23 ) so I stop and ask one of the cops what the hell is going on and he tells me that apt ### was a vic of a homeinvasion and two women were molested. Thankfully it was not my friends apt but I was never happier I had my gun on me.
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Old 05-18-2009, 04:27   #550
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Originally Posted by Mr Big View Post
I went to the class for my ccw but never turned it in, fast foward 3 years Orlando has a really bad police chief and crime is on the rise, I had several people close to me muged so I turned in my paper work and a month later had my permit. Fast foward another year which puts us at oh about 2 months ago I'm on the way to my friends apt to pick her up to go see a movie and there are cops everywhere ( of course i'm carring my g23 ) so I stop and ask one of the cops what the hell is going on and he tells me that apt ### was a vic of a homeinvasion and two women were molested. Thankfully it was not my friends apt but I was never happier I had my gun on me.
First off, I am glad it was not your friend that got attacked.

I have two questions -

Do you carry inside your home?

Have you convinced your friend to get a gun and permit?
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Old 05-18-2009, 16:58   #551
Mr Big
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Yes and she is currently in the process of getting both.
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Old 05-19-2009, 04:16   #552
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Originally Posted by Mr Big View Post
Yes and she is currently in the process of getting both.
US Army Infantry......

everything else is just support

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Old 05-19-2009, 12:25   #553
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This past election day I was standing in line to vote at the fire house right next to my neighborhood and was eavesdropping on a conversation going on behind me. A woman who lives one street over from me was showering the day before when she heard her two small dogs barking. Assuming they just wanted to go outside, she donned a towel and walked downstairs. As she pulled back the curtain covering the sliding door that goes out to her back deck, she was face to face with a man in coveralls trying to pick the lock with a screwdriver. She screamed and grabbed her phone to call the police, but the intruder ran. Where did he run? Through her back yard and down MY STREET. To my knowledge, he was never caught.

I don't know (or care) what his intentions were that day. To rob the home? Did he run because he was surprised to find someone home? Or did he run because he didn't think he could get inside and rape or murder the poor woman before she called 911? It doesn't matter. I own a home with my girlfriend of 6 years. My 7 year old son is often there with us. The two of them are my world, and the thought of anything happening to them terrifies me. And beyond that, the thought of anything happening to any of my neighbors terrifies me as well.

The next day, I went out and bought a Glock 19 and a Remington 870 for home defense. During one of my first trips to the range, I was introduced to the concept of CCW. I thought that if I was so concerned about protecting myself and my loved ones while at home, I should be just as concerned with protecting myself and loved ones outside of the home. I praticed shooting at the range and/or a friend's farm twice a week for two months, and then signed up for the CCW class. In March of this year I finally received my license, and I've carried EVERYWHERE I legally can ever since.

Oh, one more thing. I left it out, but I shouldn't have. The fear of the inevitable assault on my second ammendment rights by the new administration played a part as well. Mostly just the timing. I figured I better get my CCW license ASAP, before that right was taken away.
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Old 05-22-2009, 13:06   #554
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I grew up shooting rifles yearly at summer camp and at my grandfather's farm on occasion, had a close family friend who took me shooting several times with his rifle and .357 Magnum revolver, the only pistol I ever shot before buying one of my own a few decades later. In general, Austin is a pretty quiet town and I never really considered even having a gun for the house until some guy decided to start breaking into homes in my usually quiet neighborhood. I believe he's now broken into or attempted to break into at least 12 houses in the past 6 weeks or so that were all within a few blocks of my home. All of his break-ins have been during the day on weekdays. I work at home during the day and my office is just inside the front door, his preferred point of entry (via crowbar). If he decides my house looks like it might have nice toys inside and busts my door in, I'll have no choice but to confront him. I finally came to grips with the grave reality that if he's armed and I'm not, I lose. End of story. Since I've gone through the expense to buy the gun and the time and expense to get appropriate training and spend time weekly practicing at the range near my home, I figured I might as well get a CHL so I can have it with me at all times to be protected anywhere and not just in the house. The final straw in deciding to go ahead and do that was a few weeks ago when a homeless man approached my wife and I in the Target parking lot asking if we could spare a few dollars so he could buy some gas. It wasn't so much the asking as the fact that he got far closer than I felt comfortable with considering I'm a thin guy and a computer jockey and was armed only with a Spyderco Cricket at the time. Also, he was one of a dozen or so homeless guys who live in a wooded area nearby, so I had no way to know if he had friends hiding behind a nearby car, etc.

My G17 now sits by my side, ready to meet the guy who's been terrorizing my neighborhood, I've been to a basic training class, I'm signed up for some more advanced training in a couple of weeks and registered to take the CHL class in a few weeks and I practice regularly and will be taking additional advanced training once I get my CHL. To provide a little more protection outside the house until I get my CHL, I picked up a Kershaw Skyline that now goes with me anytime I leave the house.

Here's hoping I never use either the gun or the knives for anything other than cutting open boxes and punching holes in paper.

On a related note, on Good Friday when I went into the gun store to ask what all is required in buying a gun these days. The lady mentioned that it was pretty painless and just took a short form and a 10-minute wait for the FBI background check. I commented that it was kinda scary that it was that easy, at which point she replied "You have this man to thank for that.", and pointed to a man standing five feet to my left. He put out his hand and said "How you doin'? Rick Perry." I'm sure I looked like a star-struck idiot because I hadn't met the Governor up front and personal before and there he was hanging out incognito in the gun store on Good Friday. We had a brief conversation about CHLs and the fact that there was a bill under consideration at the time for allowing CHL holders to carry on college campuses in Texas and how his daughter has a CHL but can't currently carry her gun to protect herself on campus, etc. I suppose seeing that the Governor carries may have given me a little push in that direction as well. I'm guessing I'm one of the few people who can say they've had the Governor of Texas pull his gun on them...or at least for them. He carries a Glock, by the way.
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April 21st, 1999 (The day after Columbine) I chased down two idiots that broke out windows of my buddies car. I got into a good fight with them and was stabbed once in the torso. I was in pretty good physical shape then ( ) and incapacitated one before the other stabbed me. Even after being stabbed and losing a fair amount of blood, a responding police officer had to pull me off of the bad guy at gun point after I knocked his front teeth through his bottom lip. I was 18 years old.

I became interested in self defense in general after that. I continued martial arts training and went shooting a few times and at 23 years old, I became a police officer.

I'll be 29 soon and my wife and I (also a police officer) carry daily. In fact, its 3:34 AM MST and she is asleep next to me on the couch as I type this with a G26 in a DeSantis Nemesis in my shorts pocket.
Someone brought that up at a shooting I was involved in. I said he should have stopped. They said "what about Garner v. Tennessee."? I told them, " his name ain't Garner and we ain't in Tennessee!"

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Like a lot of people, I don't fight as well as I used to, I have folks who rely on me to protect them (it seems as though it has become popular for some nutjobs to go to a crowded location and spray bullets around), and maybe after 25 years in the military, I just feel better having the edge that a firearm provides. I grew up with firearms and feel comfortable in their presence. I guess it comes down to the fact that, even though it is always a tough decision to take a life, better them than me or mine.
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Defining moments. Thinking back, there were a lot of them.

My parents say I've been carrying a gun since I was in diapers. When I was a kid, guns weren't considered to be the Devil's powertools like they are now. Our heros were the Lone Ranger and the Cisco Kid. I grew up watching Beretta, SWAT, A-Team and Miami Vice. Good guys carried guns and whupped A.., so naturally that is what I wanted to do.

I saw violence on the streets growing up. I listened to the grown-ups talking about people getting into bad situations and even had members of my family come to bad turns due to crime.

I remember the first time I ever felt helpless was when a kid I had grown up with, pulled a machete on me in the parking lot of our high school. Later on that same guy pulled a nightstick on me while I was fighting with several of the kids in my neighborhood for making some smarta** comments about my mother. I vowed then that if that punk pulled another weapon on me, it would be the last time. Luckily I haven't seen him since that time.

I got my first gun, a .40 S&W 411 when I was 22. 2wks after buying it, I almost had to use it on a man who beat his wife unconscious in their car while they were driving down the street. I realized then that I hadn't ever fired this weapon, I didn't know how accurate it was and I totally wasn't mentally ready to use it to defend myself. I remember feeling like a coward that night because even though I was armed, I didn't want to get involved because I was scared. My GF at the time had to push me into acting. That night made me resolve to not stand aside while someone was being hurt or beaten. Its a strange thing to see that kind of violence in front of you.

I got my CCW about 10yrs ago but I let it expire in '04. I took the course again in '06 but didn't send in the paperwork. I took the course a 3rd time about 5wks ago. I am waiting for my permit now. I can't wait to get it. I've carried a gun as a cop and as a security guard for a nuclear facility, but I've known all my life that the only thing stopping any of us from being a victim is whether we are prepared to fight to defend our own lives. Cops will never be there in time to save you, that's your job!

Always fight back!
Keep campaigning for an ass kicking, you're gonna get elected.
I'm not looter friendly.
We prepare so we don't end up at the Superdome.-Unknown
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In February I was attacked on my front porch by a family member. He was trying to choke me but as he was coming at me with his hands out I punched him in the nose and shattered it really bad. He's a huge guy and was really mad so he shook it off and kept coming. I tripped over my grill and he got on top of me, choking me. He mistakenly thought I had choked a dog to death, and said he was going to do exactly what I did to it, which is a death threat and he was trying to follow through with it. We were on the edge of the porch so I was able to roll him off and get up. He then started threatening me with a shovel. He refused to get off my property, weighed twice as much as me, had made a death threat, had been choking me, and was now threatening me with a makeshift weapon that he could have easily killed me with.

Well, when he stopped to say something to somebody else, I ran inside and grabbed my shotgun, came back out, cocked it, and sat down with it in my lap just in case he came at me again and also called the cops. He left. When the cops got there, I was the bad guy! The reason being was that they claimed I was safe when I went back into the house and shouldn't have even touched a gun unless I had locked the doors and he was trying to break in.

Now, the reason I started wanting to carry is because Kentucky law says you don't have to retreat, you can stand your ground, so basically if I had my 1911 on me and whipped it out, I would have been perfectly justified, but since I had to go through a door to get a firearm, I wasn't. Which, I think is silly, but, if since they want to view it that way, well, they just got another pistol out on the street.
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No defining moment here, when the gun law in Michigan changed to allow CCW permits, I jumped right in before they changed their mind.
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I've always known my own safety was my sole responsibility.

To me its like wearing a seat belt, your probably not going to need it, But if you do you'll still be around to thank God you were prepared.

The final deciding factor for me and I'm sure for allot of you was the election of our new president. Not only that the present state of the economy.
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