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Old 11-29-2007, 17:27   #126
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Finding myself (a Texan) in southeast Oklahoma unarmed... and hearing banjo music. The only alternative was to hand out 1-800-FREEDENTALWORK cards and hope for the best...
Iím a capitalist, I believe in the constitution, obey the laws, own a gun for self defense, and worship a Christian God.

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Because I live in Florida. Enough said.
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Originally Posted by Evenflo76 View Post
PS. WHen can we get *****EDITED FOR POSTING VIOLATION*****spell check on this forum?
Switch over to Mozilla Firefox. It has a built-in spell checker.

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Originally Posted by FLGUY View Post
Because I live in Florida. Enough said.
I hear that born and raised in Homestead Fl. Place is nuts so glad I got out.
What you cannot see will hurt you
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Old 11-29-2007, 22:23   #130
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Born in Chicago IL. Bought a couple handguns when I turned 21. Then Jane Byrne became mayor and banned the sales of all new handguns. Mine were grandfathered under the law.

Move out of Chicago.

3 years later mover to Colorado. Bought more guns and high capacity magazines as soon as a certain person became President. HINT: "It depends on what the meaning of the words 'is' is.". CO was a fairly gun friendly State, but no CCW was available at that time.

13 years later moved to WA State. Got a new DL, a new voters card, and a CCW.

What REALLY ticked me off about Chicago was that I had a IL State "Blue Card" (armed security officer) and a carry permit. I could buy, and carry, and use a gun while working a job to protect some store from being robbed, but couldn't buy, and carry, and use a gun to protect myself at home, or during non-working hours. The carry permit was only good for 1hr before/after work when commuting.
Pacific NW

The urge to save humanity is almost always a false-face for the urge to rule it.
- H. L. Mencken -
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Originally Posted by Piolin View Post
"The barrel of the glock was pressed against the glass."

not a good idea IMHO
Yours would have been close to the window if you had been in that same situation. If that thugs wants my truck he can have it. But when he comes up to the door and I have a chance to defend myself I will.
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Old 11-30-2007, 02:50   #132
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Ate lunch at Luby's in Killeen, TX 24 hours prior to the then worst mass murder in U.S. history.
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I got interested in it when:

I realized that I live in the greatest nation on the face of the earth that gives me the right to keep and bear arms and SWEARS that cannot ever be taken away.

Nuff' said.

Sent with Probably Cause and Irrisputable Proof

"This isn't domestic abuse. This is hilarious!" -Peter Griffin
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Everybody in my family carried guns when I was growing up (I currently carry my grandmother's old chief special sometimes) and my father always carried a gun, usually in the open. When I turned 21 I got my first police job and bought my first handgun and have been carrying ever since. In Kentucky you could always carry in the open or in your glove compartment and a year after I quit my last police job to go to school, KY passed CCW.
If you are not an NRA member, you are not involved in gun rights, so sit down and shut the +%@# up.
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The Gabagool
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Originally Posted by LifterCatcher View Post
I hear that born and raised in Homestead Fl. Place is nuts so glad I got out.
Good for you. I went in the other direction. Moved down from NJ to escape the cold among other things there. It's getting really bad here in FL. I won't go back to NJ cuz it's impossible to get a CCW. Eight more years till retirement then I'm OUTTA HERE!
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When Michigan changed the law and became a shall issue state, I figured I'd get one just because I could. We were one of the earlier states to change, and I kept thinking they might repeal the law.

Just the opposite happened, Michigan gun laws keep getting more favorable. We were one of the first to adopt the "Castle Doctrine" and to ban civil suits in justifiable self defense shootings. Now there's talk of easing restrictions on where you can legally carry.

I guess they figure with Detroit, Flint, Grand Rapids and Benton Harbor in our state, they might as well give the law abiding a fair chance.

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I watched a swat team take down my next door neighbors house. Turns out he was MS13 and a real scum bag. His 22yr old son stood at the front door and made racial comments about all the white guys being p@##@s and he made various threats as well.
I began carrying soon after.
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Old 12-01-2007, 10:56   #138
Mingus Jim
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I decided I'd carry a weapon when I knew I was moving from the People's Republik of Illinois to Arizona. I bought my G19 back in IL, and took my CCW course not long after I moved here. Like the old American Express motto goes: "Don't leave home without it."

I see no reason not to carry, just as I don't see any reason not to have auto or homeowners insurance.
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"Gun control means using both hands."
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Old 12-01-2007, 12:18   #139
Na Ben Don Chat
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Originally Posted by Lior View Post
5. A gentleman should always carry a loaded gun.

6. Same goes for a lady.

"Success isn't a result of spontaneous combustion. You have to set yourself on fire." - Arnold H. Glasgow
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I witnessed a murder in 1975, three blocks from a police station. To make a very long story short, if CCW had been legal at that time, I, or someone else, may have prevented it.
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Probably me defining moment was seeing a murder in the street, and just how fast things can happen. I was not of age at that point to own a gun, but it stuck with me for, well, to this day. It was nothing I could have prevented given my position to the shooting even if I had a gun it all happened so fast, plus there was no CCW at the time, but it was a reminder that you always need to be prepared.

Even after I came of age, I didn't own a gun for many years as a bachelor. My defining moment was when I started seriously dating and realized I now bore some responsibility for another person, that is when I purchased my first gun.
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I was in a gun store with my Dad , buying my first CCW gun, an S&W 36. 2 guys came in, one wearing a heavy army jacket, drinking a beer.They circled the store, coming right up to me looking at my gun, then they left. I left with my father, not saying a word. When we got in the car, he said "I thought they were going to rob the store". I knew it wasn't all in my mind. The thought of how helpless you are without a gun was obvious to me. I carry whenever I can.
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Old 12-01-2007, 22:54   #143
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Originally Posted by SSG View Post
Oregon - Pacific NW.

Plenty of poeple carry up here, almost a given, but I still haven't heard of a mugging, car jacking, ...a few home invasions, but they were druggies on druggies....

Low crime. Hey if you want to live in a high crime place, your choice, don't ***** about it.
Low crime ? Have you seen Oregon Crime Rates ?

2006: 6403 agravated assaults, 1195 forcible rapes, 86 murders, 10373 violent crimes and the list goes on and on ...

Here's the link:
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"Don't pick me"
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Has your heart rate increased just from imagining the scenario?
Yeah. I'm afraid I'll botch it and have this terrible shot grouping when the local PD arrives and I'll be embarrassed.

Are you going to be able to point and shoot in an instant or are your hands going to be shaking.
Of course my hands will be shaking. That's why I have a 30-rd magazine, night sights, solid cover for support, and a bottle of mineral water. Can't be too careful, you know.

Perhaps you are frozen in fear and unable to even reach for your gun.
Me? Not likely. The only thing I'd be frozen in would be indecision: "Lemme see...Glock? Colt? Hmmm...Remington!"

Not all of us who shake when the adrenaline hits us are in fear.

Moving right along.

Talk to cops, the only real, uninterpreted way to carry a gun in your car, going to the range, ect, is to have a CCW. Forget what you heard, in a paper bag, in the trunk unloaded, on the dash, exposed on your hip...
The truth of this statement greatly depends upon the state in which you live. Instead of listening to hearsay, even from well-meaning LEO's, I know the law. It seems to help.

Walk down the street with a gun on your hip, except in some podunk town in AZ and the cops will show up, at gunpoint.
Downtown Phoenix is Podunk? I did exactly that in 2003 with a G17 in a factory Glock Sport/Combat holster, went into a restaurant and bought breakfast, walked down the street, went about my daily was the first time I'd carried openly not in uniform since 1999...and still it felt a little weird. No one stopped me, no one called the law, and no LEO's questioned me.

Guess Phoenix is podunk, then.

A CCW allows you to carry and not be branded someone who is concealing a gun illegaly, it's $50 worth of insurance.
It's a lot more than that. First off, in my State, when I first got my CCW after moving from the PRK, and having been a licensed, armed security officer there only to be robbed at gunpoint while off duty, I pondered the stupidity of having been trained to carry a gun to protect property and my clients, but not being allowed to do it myself. I've never fully understood this: You can hire people to carry guns to protect you, or you can be licensed to protect OTHER people and their property, but you can't carry a gun to protect yourself...wait, what? One of my reasons for deciding to move TO Florida was because back then, it was one of the first "Shall Issue" carry states, and even so, it took me 3 years to finally get the license. But once I got it, I've kept it ever since.

Back then, it was 167 dollars, good for 3 years, no background call in for purchases, over the counter purchases with no waiting period. That, and carrying a concealed firearm is a FELONY in Florida. So a permit to me was 1) Being able to cash & carry my gun like an honest citizen, not a cowed subject; and 2) The ability to carry self-defense without making myself a felon.

A few years later, some changes in the law came. The price was REDUCED from 167 to 117, the duration of the permit was extended from three years to FIVE, but now all firearms purchases, even with a permit, require a background check. However, State Law states clearly that permit holders are STILL exempt from waiting periods. If for no other reason that that, I'd have a FL CCW.

I never carry a gun, but I drive to the range, gun stores afterworld with the gun in a bag, in my car, that's considered concealed by many.
I don't care what "many" consider to be concealed; Only what 790 Florida Statutes defines as Concealed. I take my cues directly from the law, my attorney, and my firearms instructors; No one else.

IMHO, having a CCW for all practical purposes is the only way to transport a gun without any issues.
On this we agree.

If I need to have a gun where I live, then it's time to move, not safe for me, or family. If I need it for work, then I made that decision to carry.
Here's where we disagree. I decided as I grew older that I was not going to let the criminal element dictate my freedoms. My firearm merely provides another tool for self-protection while I exercise my other rights.

If you get into a shooting, then having a CCW means you were atleast checked out, and you went through a class, that means you have some reasonable sense of training and that your somewhat upstanding, that helps you.
And what helps you even more is if your CCW instructor was worth half a rat's butt and went over the law with you. More than that is knowing the law yourself. Even more than that is having an attorney on retainer with whom you have discussed these things and actually act upon his advice so that he may defend you effectively in court should the worst occur.

Of course, should the worst occur, hitting ONLY what you're aiming at does a lot in decreasing liability as well.

I've given this some thought, too.

We all have our opinions. This one is mine.

"It burns me up when elitists try to force us into a situation where we must either beg for a totalitarian police state or submit to the desires of the antisocial." --Mnukedude
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1. Home Invasion when I was 16 - successful entry by BG's. They were high and armed with knives.
2. Unsuccessful Home Invasion this past year now that I have a family of my own. The BG's were so high it took them five minutes at our front door trying to pry in before the police arrived and took them down at gunpoint. Had they come in they would have been taken out with my shotgun at this point (I had time to retrieve and load it).
3. Gun stuck in my nose in Orlando Florida because the drunk driver behind me did not like the way I was driving and was generally pissed at rush hour traffic and Canadian tourist 'glut' (I am both Canadian and American).

I have been called up for jury duty and will report and do my duty as required. But I will be in a position to protect my family as best I am able to at home. The gun laws in Canada are strict and I will obey them. But also take advantage of them to the best of my ability.

With all of the shootings, carjackings and other nonsense going on around here the police are no longer able to provide protection as they used to. One must be in a position to protect themselves. It is our intention to move back to the states once the kids enter university (we are hoping US Universities so that they can also protect THEMSELVES if not living at home). We will carry 24/7 and in fact, I DO INDEED carry 24/7 when possible stateside. It makes me feel much more warm and fuzzy knowing that my 55 year old failing body can protect itself and its loved ones. I have arthritis and can barely walk after a half hour drive in the car until I get limbered up. No way could I protect myself against a 20 year old. Handguns are the great equalizer or as Jeff Cooper would say... (and I paraphrase with apologies)....." Handguns makes us all gentlemen".

Oh yes, then there's the road ragers. Jeez. Almost forgot. We're in four lanes of traffic. Bumper to bumper. There's a pickup coming up on us from behind. How? Easy. He's honking and running the cars in front and beside him off the road and into the ditch. Now he's behind me. What do I do? Easy. I signal and pull over onto the shoulder to let him pass. By exactly one car. The shoulder's clear... if it's an emergency he could have driven the shoulder all the way downtown, but it's nothing to do with that. It's everything to do with HE wants the road to himself. That was two years ago. TEN years ago I had the same thing happen except that the idiot actually bumped my rear bumper and pushed my off the road. Called the police and when they came, I had followed this SOB and called them on my carphone... they stopped both of us and charged him with failing to remain at the scene of an accident. And because I had left the scene as well and followed him? They charged ME with failing to remain as well.

What would YOU have done if armed? I figure I would have done nothing different with the road rage incidents except that I would have felt much better if the BG's had pulled out a gun to take a potshot (like they did just the other day in Toronto and shot out the windows of a cabbie scaring the tar out of him). I would never use lethal force in the protection of property; but if a life were threatened I would have little hesitation in putting the BG down; that is to say, shooting until the assault terminated. Period.

The civilized world is becoming an increasingly dangerous place to live in. We are surrounded by crazies and those that would take our life or health without a thought. It is THOSE perps that we need protection against as the police are no longer able to do it for us and admit as much. They are quick to blame the handguns in honest citizens' hands as the problem. Well, how about giving us all handguns and seeing where the crime rate goes? Statistics say that it will drop by about ten percent per year to a cumulative total drop of somewhere between 35 and 50 percent after ten years. Government supplied statistics... check out your local crime stats site.

Why did I get a gun and why do I want to carry a gun? Simple. Protection. Why do I wish to own guns? Simple. The aforementioned as well as the sport of target shooting and so on. Good guys with guns are still good guys. It's the bad guys with guns that we need to deal with.
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There's no such thing as too much training or too much practice....
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Living in good old IL, we can't carry legally, so what are some of your opinions about carrying anyways. Do it or not????????????
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Originally Posted by menmyglock View Post
Living in good old IL, we can't carry legally, so what are some of your opinions about carrying anyways. Do it or not????????????

What you cannot see will hurt you
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It was about 4 or 5 years prior to Michigan becoming a Shall issue state.

I already owned a Handgun but did not carry because it was not allowed.

I took a friend to Kalamazoo one night in the early spring. It was the first warm evening. I was not familiar with the area. It was Westnage Ave. we were driving down. I'll describe it as going through a Gauntlet. There were dozens of Thug types lining both sides of the street. They were throwing things at the passing cars. I had a 2x4 bounce off of my truck top. It could have easily went through my window causing severe injury to me or my friend. by the time we were driving through there was a lot of debris in the road. Could have easily caused a flat tire disabling my truck. I just hit the gas and got out of there as fast as I could. Of course I was completely unarmed.

The real kicker was a couple of miles we saw a Police car. I guess they call there officers "Public safety officers" Anyway It was a female officer and when we informed her the response I got was somewhat shocking. She said.... We know about it... We are waiting for it to settle down because it is too dangerous for us to go there right now...

WTF .... I then realized my safety was my responsibility and I now consider most "law enforcement officers" as report takers....
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Originally Posted by menmyglock View Post
Living in good old IL, we can't carry legally, so what are some of your opinions about carrying anyways. Do it or not????????????
It is against Glock Talk TOS/rules to discuss illegal activities.


Carry pepper spray.

Carry a good flashlight.

Carry a legal knife/knives.

Carry a gun in your car, unloaded, in a zipped case with a loaded magazine next to the gun. It is legal, just watch out for the local laws. Esp around Chicago.
The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.

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Defining Moments - What made YOU decide to CCW?
Multiple reasons:

1) Why leave such wonderful firearms at home by their lonesome?
2) Blah waiting period.
3) A new accessory (holster) to add to my outfit choices.
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