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Old 09-07-2013, 06:54   #1
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Tapatalk 4 support issues with GT forum

Like many others, I have used the Tapatalk mobile app to access a number of forums for quite some time now. Most recent iteration of app was released to final version 4, and broke some functionality, as well as complicated access.

Learned today from Tapatalk support, that Glock Talk forum owner has requested it be removed from search within app. I know there's a number of posts out there in GT, and a couple threads collecting random thoughts on the topic. Figured this thread could be a good spot to post workarounds, and support for the app, maybe encourage owner to reconsider.

For users that currently have GT cached in a working version of Tapatalk, it should be business as usual. However, for those of us that have updated to most recent, or happened to "loose" the forum within the directory listing (main page in app) in other versions, a workaround is needed.

From what I recall, it was TBO that mentioned a user can access GT by using mobile browser, pointed to website, then follow link OHUB Campfire "Open in app". Depending on OS you're using, a dialog will be presented that will prompt to open in Tapatalk app. From that point, then login and proceed within Tapatalk. However, from what I can tell, access is not remembered (cached), and the same song and dance needs be done with every visit. Backing out of Tapatalk, or switching between forums within app, throws a wrench in things.

From the forum owner's perspective, I can understand the importance of advertising, and OHub Campfire is a working option that continues to provide access to GT. However, it's functionality and user experience is significantly less in compare IMO.

Could assume that a forum most easily accessible through various means will receive most traffic. A number of vendors frequent GT forum, and are arguably well represented through thread content. Personally, I access forums most through mobile, and browser workarounds are used much fewer and far between.

sent via OHub Campfire, because Tapatalk broke
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Old 09-08-2013, 17:09   #2
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UPDATE: missed recent posts to previous thread...

For those interested in more on this topic, check here.
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Old 09-11-2013, 13:09   #3
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Although I completely understand the revenue thing, I prefer ad-free browsing. That was one of the reasons I got the CLM. Despite this, I still got popup ads on when I logged in with the Ohub app, so I ditched it. With LTE data speed, I can browse the forum very quickly with mobile Chrome or Safari, access the classifieds, and still have the CLM benefit of minimal ads.
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