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Old 05-16-2015, 16:10   #1
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A way to transfer music CD's to an MP3 player

Guys i am an old man, and not very tech savvy, so please be gentle. I have around 100 music CD's i have burned over the years. Is their a way to transfer them easily and cheaply to and MP3 player? If so would you be kind enough to recommend what MP3 player i should buy to transfer the music? I don't want to down load all my Cd's to my P.C. and then transfer them to a MP3 player. I will be using the MP3 player in my truck, there are USB ports in the truck as it is a 2015 GMC Canyon. I also can't afford major coin to make the transfer, so on the cheap. These are single songs not entire albums that i burned. My P.C. is running Windows Vista.

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I can't attest to the easiest way, but you don't need an actual MP3 player if your truck has USB ports. Just load the MP3's onto a thumb drive.
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Lol, it's been like 10 years since I've used a CD, so this info may be outdated, but here goes.

Windows Vista has Windows media player, which should be able to encode CDs to MP3s. Alternatively, iTunes is a free application that can do it as well, at least it used to. Encode your CDs to a high bit rate MP3 files, (at least 192 or 256), and be careful not to use Media Player's WMA format or iTunes AAC format. These may be default, so you may want to check it beforehand.

Link to instructions:

As far as which player to get, if you have a smartphone, that's all you need. Alternatively, you can get a Sandisk Sansa, or any other MP3 player on amazon with good reviews.
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If you don't have the original digital files on the pc you made the cds with you will have to rip them. Windows media player can do this. If you still have the original files on your computer you made the discs with you can just transfer them to the storage device, usb, or mp3 player
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Dr. Leaky
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This free program works well for me
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