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My first print

I did my first prints in the darkroom this week. I scratched the negatives so they're not perfect, but that was my very first roll of film, too. I need to learn all sorts of things and I knew I would make plenty of mistakes with my first roll of film when I processed it. Now that I have the screw up requirements met, I am ready to play!

Watching the first print develop was so amazing...even after it turned the most uniform, darkest black that I have ever seen.

So...it's not perfect, but it's all mine

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Originally Posted by misskitty5077 View Post
I did my first prints in the darkroom this week. I scratched the negatives so they're not perfect

So...it's not perfect, but it's all mine
If the scratches are on the non-emulsion side rub your finger along the side of your nose where it's nice and oily then smear that onto the negative. It helps reduce/eliminate scratches from showing up in your final print.

Again - good job!
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You should frame your first print. If folks don't get it, snobbily tell them they just don't appreciate fine art!

Don't forget to deduct your darkroom square footage on your taxes!
(I love the smell of darkroom chemicals...makes me jealous!)
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