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I saw on their site (but NO info available on details), that the company does engraving as well. Anyone had engravings done by them ? That fad passed after an hour, and I am hoping Glock can do something unique (maybe on the slide).... don't know yet. It is not in the immediate future. I prefer engravings in gold, not the silver.
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A few years ago, Glock was offering Grade A, B, and C engraving with or without precious metal inlays. Sorry for the poor quality, but this is the only pic I have. The reason I say "a few years ago" is that I heard the prices were so exhorbitant that none were ordered and the three prototypes were sold to a collector. This, is purely a rumor, however.
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I never understood engraving on a Glock.

That said, I don't like engraving on handguns period.
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I have say I do not understand engraving a Glock either. But if that is what you like well it is your gun.
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I can confirm that they still do it.

I saw two pistols when I was at GLOCK a couple of weeks back, that they had just gotten in from wherever they do it. They both had the intricate engravings covering the entire slides and were set with gold inlays.

They showed me the prices on the invoice, but honestly, I don't remember what they were, but I do remember that they were super high.

I was in the midstof purchasing my G22P, so I was interrupted several times with questions from the lady while they were showing me the pistols.

It was quite obvious that they don't see many of the engraved pistols, because they were walking around the office showing them to each other.
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