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Why are you on GlockTalk? 7/25/14 - (245 replies)
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Doctor asked my kid about guns in our home today! 7/24/14 - (198 replies)
I overheard this conversation between my 11 yo. daughter and her friend on the way home from a doctors appointment today. My daughter was there getting her shots for the school year and I was out of the exam room most of the time. My wife is a physician within the system my daughter was seen at today. My...
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Gun guy cliches I'm tired of hearing... 7/25/14 - (143 replies)
"Aim small, miss small" "I'm running a (fill in the blank)" Lol...what are yours?
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VisionAire Vantage Jet 7/26/14 - (128 replies)
This is one seriously sexy looking aircraft. Apparently the airframe is made of composite materials. It is a very small, light single-engine jet. The top speed will be a little over 400mph, with a cruising speed just under 300mph. The company has had a troubled path trying to bring this aircraft to...
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Handgun Confiscated by Deputy, Just Now Getting it back 7/24/14 - (119 replies)
3 months ago during a traffic stop, a young deputy (probably 22) confiscated my Glock during a traffic stop and charged me with unlawful carry. All charges were dropped, but I am just now about to get my gun back. Apparently its my counties' SOP to keep all confiscated guns for 90 days regardless of...
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Army is Moving Forward to Replace the M9 with a More Powerful Pistol 7/3/14 - (347 replies)
[i]As the lead agent for small arms, the Army will hold an industry day July 29 to talk to gun makers about the joint, Modular Handgun System or MHS. "It's a total system replacement -- new gun, new ammo, new holster, everything," [/i]
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The Truth About the "Me Generation" 6/29/14 - (333 replies)
I always hear that on GT how us Xers are supposed to pay for old people and we are all about "me". "Xers have less wealth than their parents at their age did 25 years ago" "There are 89 million millennial (also known as Generation Y, born roughly between 1981 ands 1996) and 75 million boomers...
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Explain your choice of avatars please. 7/7/14 - (295 replies)
Why do you use that little graphic to represent you here?
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What Have You Learned From Glock Talk? 7/10/14 - (294 replies)
There's just so much- I'm thinking dealing with difficult neighbors has to be #1 on my list. Between messy yards, barking dogs and drunks, the advice on here is always solid and transfers to so many other aspects of life.
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Why are you on GlockTalk? 7/25/14 - (245 replies)
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Great video - absolutely hilarious! 7/28/14 - (No replies)
This is absolutely hilarious. :rofl::rofl:
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The women on Fox News .... 7/28/14 - (3 replies)
..... some of them like me ..... None of them like Bruno :rofl:
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Show me the money! 7/28/14 - (1 reply)
I looked around and couldn't find another thread about this. If this is a duplicate post, sorry.
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Win a cmmg mk3-t .308! 7/28/14 - (No replies)
Missourians Protecting the 2nd Amendment (MOP2A) is campaigning to pass Constitutional Amendment #5 and they need your help! This Amendment to the Missouri State Constitution will protect your Right to Keep and Bear Arms, include protections to home, family, and property. It will also explicitly protect...
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Win a cmmg mk3-t .308! 7/28/14 - (1 reply)
Missourians Protecting the 2nd Amendment (MOP2A) is campaigning to pass Constitutional Amendment #5 and they need your help! This Amendment to the Missouri State Constitution will protect your Right to Keep and Bear Arms, include protections to home, family, and property. It will also explicitly protect...
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Test 7/23/14
Testing. Just ignore me. Nothing to see here. Carry on. :wavey:
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Glock 27 Heaven 7/21/14
I guess it all depends on the distance to that 10 ring. At shorter distances it is not that hard, but at 15 yards or more, it is impressive
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Glock 42 finish 7/21/14
[quote=FLGlockster;21391111]Yeah, but it just ain't the same as it used to be is it? I've avoided purchasing any of the newer Gen 3 and Gen 4 after Glock replaced the Tenifer process with a Nitrate finishing. [/quote] Tenifer is one of many processes whose purpose is to change the molecular...
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G42 Magazine Question 7/21/14
I believe there have been only two types of magazines so far from Glock without any change in part number. I have the original which have a less sculpted look as well as the new ones I bought separately. There are other changes made since the first version of the G42 was released:
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First Glock Purchase: G30 Gen 4 7/20/14
[quote=.45ca;20093978]Yes, very good points. The G30 Gen 4's appear to not be available in abundance, and none were available at any of my local dealers that I contacted within 50 miles. I am away on business for a couple of weeks, and after about 75 calls and searches, I found a G30, and didn't want...
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