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Rape by deception ?? 1/28/15 - (244 replies)
I saw a TV show last night, and they said if you've ever lied to a woman to have sex with her, that's called rape by deception. I want to apologize to all the women I "knew" in the 80's 90's and 2000's that I told my last name was Hilton, Kennedy, or Trump :) Seriously ladies of GT, remember these...
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Anti-vaccination people 1/29/15 - (239 replies)
Are we done with their bull yet? Seems like cost of not getting vaccines is pretty clear while the benefits of not getting them has always been anywhere from dubious to made-up. Sent from my iPhone using Ohub Campfire
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Why is that the police don't like people to carry rifles while out & about 1/31/15 - (175 replies)
Why is that the police don't like people to carry rifles while out and about? Why are police afraid of people that OC rifles?
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Best fish/ seafood you ever ate. 1/29/15 - (156 replies)
Man I love fish! Sushi, cioppino, English beer battered, backyard salmon teriyaki, dive boat flopping... Scallops, swordfish, uni, crappies, King crab, blue fin, canned King Oscar double row... You get the idea... Best ever- fisherman to my grill swordfish in Hawaii and my aunts frutti di mare...
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Photo Thread 1/29/15 - (130 replies)
Seems no one peruses the photography forum, so I'm posting a couple here. Just for conversation. The retirement thread got me to thinking about enjoying this every night! Yeah, I see the lens flare in the third one. I couldn't use my lens hood with the new neutral density filter I had on. Local...
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Is a Rolex really worth it? 1/18/15 - (500 replies)
Was thinking about a new watch....something a bit more high class....was thinking something watch guys would notice.
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Army Ditches Beretta M9A3 for 1/9/15 - (390 replies)
Army Ditches Beretta M9A3 for New Design Remember back a couple of weeks ago and this thread. Well it would appear things have changed. In what has to be a big blow to Beretta, military.com is reporting, “U.S. Army weapons officials will not evaluate an improved version of the service’s Cold...
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Tell us one fact about yourself's that may surprise us 1/7/15 - (375 replies)
For me I don't drink not even a beer never have never will :shocked:
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Hindu Man, Father "Kicked Out" of Muslim-Free Gun Range 1/14/15 - (350 replies)
Don't mess with us Arkies!!:supergrin:
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compensator index ? 2/1/15 - (No replies)
What keeps a compensator properly indexed to the slide? If it just threads on, what's to prevent it from lining up wrong? Also, what keeps it from loosening up during use?
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New Range In Manassas 2/1/15 - (No replies)
Check out Elite Shooting Sports in Manassas. One of the new "Guntry Club" style ranges. You won't believe how nice this place is. eliteshootingsports.com
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Do It All Pistol 2/1/15 - (No replies)
Im in the market for something to replace my current EDC pistol ( Glock 19). Im looking for something that can pretty much be concealed in all types of weather, something that can be used in a self defense situation, as well as an offensive situation if need be. Something that packs a punch, but...
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Geek Time: Water Cooling Those GPUs 2/1/15 - (No replies)
Hey folks - I'm primarily a Mac user. At the moment, I'm writing this post on a Mac(book Pro). My employer has given me another Macbook Pro to do my work on and with. For video editing, sound editing, and a few other tasks, I have another, more powerful Mac in my office upstairs. But I also...
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test 11/1/14
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Late Spring Drive 7/6/14
Photo taken a few weeks ago during a passing thunderstorm. ~Spero
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Review: IMI Razor Core 77-grain OTM 5.56x45mm Ammo 6/27/14
I’m a relative newcomer to the 5.56x45mm round. The first gun I had chambered in 5.56 that was truly my own and not a “shared custody” piece between my father and I was my Tavor SAR. However, my inexperience with the round evaporated during extensive accuracy testing with the Israeli bullpup....
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Michigan Governor Signs Law to Protect Gun Owners’ Privacy 6/27/14
On Tuesday Michigan Governor Rick Snyder signed legislation that exempted firearms records from being released under the Freedom of Information Act, a move that cemented a 1999 decision by the Michigan Supreme Court that found the disclosure of these records to be an invasion of personal privacy. “We...
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Quick Review: Radetec AmmoControl LED Round Count Advisor 6/11/14
I don’t have ice water in my veins. I have friends who do and I’ve always envied the quality, but under pressure, I often operate in panic mode. I simply don’t have the ability to hold the broad awareness under stress situations that’s often required in 3-gun competitions and tactical pistol...
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ALERRT Training
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