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Seriously overweight people 5/19/15 - (316 replies)
At what point in our culture did this become acceptable? I am not talking about people who are packing on 20-30lbs more than what they should be given their bone structure. I am talking about people who are well into the 100-150lb overweight class. The psychology of this fascinates me. How does...
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Glock Talk, the movie - write a scene or contribute an image or video 5/20/15 - (211 replies)
If we made a Glock Talk movie, what would be in it?
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I Got Mugged By The CHP Today 5/23/15 - (169 replies)
I got mugged by an officer with the California Highway Patrol today. I was driving in my Corvette on a 4 lane highway that was posted at 65mph doing 8-over 73mph locked on the cruise control. A pickup truck had just blew by me when in about 45 seconds 2 CHP cruisers going by in the other direction passed...
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Obama homophobia and transphobia 5/18/15 - (166 replies)
Dear Mr President I do not have any diseases and I am not mentally ill. Homophobia and transphobia are made up words to negatively label Christians. I am a Christian and I believe what God says. You evidently are not and do not. Wicked behavior is unacceptable. Always has been. Always will...
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Wingsuit flyers killed in Yosemite 5/18/15 - (121 replies)
Looks like they were attempting a flight that would clear a notch in a ridge, and... didn't. Prayers to these men and their families. Hate to see someone so accomplished in his sport pass, even if he doesn't (to me) appear to be trying all that hard to stay alive. I guess there might...
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Pick A Flick 5/16/15 - (545 replies)
Hi folks. let's start a game. I will post a pic and you to tell me what movie the picture came from. This is a tough one based on that image, so I'll give a couple of ground ball hints. [LIST=1] [*]It takes place in the early seventies [*]Its a bank robbery move [*]and its got Clint Eastwood in...
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Well can't vote for Rubio anymore 4/30/15 - (417 replies)
He's a warmonger and he just came out against gay marriage. So I need someone new to vote for. Paul? Iirc he's got some crazy ideas too. We might be totally screwed this election.
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Just now: 2 dead after they started shooting at Cartoonist con-Tx 5/4/15 - (375 replies)
Within the last few minutes, apparently: [quote]Shots fired at free speech event in Texas 01:20 Story highlights The event was billed as the "Muhammad Art Exhibit and Cartoon Contest" Authorities investigating whether two suspects shot outside the venue had explosives (CNN)Two people were...
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Is 6+1 enough ammo for CCW with the 43. 5/5/15 - (372 replies)
I just bought a new 43 and love it so far. Im hoping I can get use to the 7 rounds. I have been carrying a spare mag in my back pocket.
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Social Sec in Worse Shape than Thought 5/9/15 - (325 replies)
[quote]New studies from Harvard and Dartmouth researchers find that the SSA's actuarial forecasts have been consistently overstating the financial health of the program's trust funds since 2000. "These biases are getting bigger and they are substantial," said Gary King, co-author of the studies and...
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G36 Facelift 5/24/15 - (No replies)
I've been putting off buying another G36 (owned a couple in years past) in the hope Glock will introduce a Gen 4 version. It would benefit from the better backstrap of the SF configuration, although they can skip the exchangeable back straps for this model. And the Gen 4 mag release is superior to all...
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Uh oh...here we go... 5/24/15 - (16 replies)
Story on Fox news, people gathering after Cleveland cop (s?) acquitted in unarmed motorist death...Cops have their helmets on...looks tense but nothing else happening...yet.
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Nazi belt buckle guns? 5/24/15 - (No replies)
Went to a gunstire around here and the owner is a collector. He has a lot of cool stuff. Here's a pic Here is the 37 mm flare gun used in scarface a pepperbox and a belt buckle gun. It has a paper claiming paperwork proving it belonged to Herman goring. But then I keep reading online there's no evidence...
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Lights on for Officer Orozoco 5/24/15 - (2 replies)
Tribute to OPD officer Orozcco.
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finally joined... 5/24/15 - (3 replies)
I've been doing a bunch of glock searching on google, and kept ending up here so I decided to join. I have a 42 and a used, probable le, early gen 3 19.
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test 11/1/14
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Late Spring Drive 7/6/14
Photo taken a few weeks ago during a passing thunderstorm. 9/30/2014--Hokey Smokes! There are some distinct advantages to living on a mountainside. Less noise, fewer people, more in the way of wide open space. And a front row seat to crazy weather. As a kid I was scared of thunder and lightning...
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Review: IMI Razor Core 77-grain OTM 5.56x45mm Ammo 6/27/14
I’m a relative newcomer to the 5.56x45mm round. The first gun I had chambered in 5.56 that was truly my own and not a “shared custody” piece between my father and I was my Tavor SAR. However, my inexperience with the round evaporated during extensive accuracy testing with the Israeli bullpup....
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Michigan Governor Signs Law to Protect Gun Owners’ Privacy 6/27/14
On Tuesday Michigan Governor Rick Snyder signed legislation that exempted firearms records from being released under the Freedom of Information Act, a move that cemented a 1999 decision by the Michigan Supreme Court that found the disclosure of these records to be an invasion of personal privacy. “We...
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Quick Review: Radetec AmmoControl LED Round Count Advisor 6/11/14
I don’t have ice water in my veins. I have friends who do and I’ve always envied the quality, but under pressure, I often operate in panic mode. I simply don’t have the ability to hold the broad awareness under stress situations that’s often required in 3-gun competitions and tactical pistol...
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