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Homeowner executes teen home invaders 4/23/14 - (315 replies)
So what do you guys think of this case? I feel he was justified. After 12 previous break ins, you better believe i would be prepared. Yes, there was probably no need for him to fire the last shots and execute the teens, but if they hadn't broke in in the first place.... Hope he is not convicted and...
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Dudes with hyphenated last names?? 4/20/14 - (168 replies)
I don't get it... How does that happen? Do they add their wife's last name to theirs?
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What was the last NEW firearm you bought and why? 4/20/14 - (151 replies)
Gentlefolk, Of late, I have developed an interest in the economics of the firearm business: why a Boberg can fetch $1300, why a 1911 can fetch $5000, why a Seecamp 380 can fetch $900 -and with the exception of the Boberg, none of these items are unique, and INCLUDING the Boberg, none of them don't...
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Xanax 4/19/14 - (137 replies)
Has anyone dealt with this drug before? Please share you're experiences.
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My friend can kiss my butt! 4/23/14 - (124 replies)
Have a friend, use to be best friend who the last couple years decided he is too perfect to answer phone, return text but when he wants something or needs something calls me. Me & my wife go over there on Friday nights but other then that he pretends I don't exist so I made the decision tonight to return...
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You May Be An Old Fart - Automotive Edition 4/3/14 - (674 replies)
If you have ever used a bumper jack and tire iron to change a flat, you may be an old fart. If you ever stuck a metal spout into a can of oil to top off your engine, you may be an old fart. If you remember what a Fuzz Buster was and what one looked like, you might be an old fart. If you know what...
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Update-Warrant Issued for USAF Officer After Run-in with Police at Home 4/17/14 - (670 replies)
MONTEREY, Calif. —U.S. Air Force Capt. Nicolas Aquino was tackled and handcuffed at his own house in Carmel because a Monterey County sheriff's deputy thought he was a burglar. Now, Aquino is being charged with resisting arrest and obstructing a peace officer. ...
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Using Snipers To Protect A Tortoise(Snail Darter/Spotted Owl, Pt. 2) 4/10/14 - (545 replies)
Cliven Bundy may not be standing on solid ground(owes .gov $300,000+) in his "Beef" with the BLM. But what is really screwy and casts doubt on the .gov's story is that the Desert Tortoise Conservation Center had to euthanize a bunch of tortoises because: 1. They had too many of them:wow: 2. Releasing...
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A better strategy for the Bundy/feds stand off? 4/13/14 - (315 replies)
I'm sitting warm and comfortable getting ready to play MMQB. Would it have been preferable for all those that came to support Bundy to have been armed with video cameras (showing my age) than with fire arms? The feds would do what the feds will do regardless, generally speaking. But our government dislikes...
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Homeowner executes teen home invaders 4/23/14 - (315 replies)
So what do you guys think of this case? I feel he was justified. After 12 previous break ins, you better believe i would be prepared. Yes, there was probably no need for him to fire the last shots and execute the teens, but if they hadn't broke in in the first place.... Hope he is not convicted and...
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10-8 Glock Mag Base Pads 4/25/14 - (No replies)
Interesting. One benefit I see over the Vickers base pads are the dimples for marking:
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Rains Co. (TX) deputy who shot dog terminated on Thursday 4/25/14 - (5 replies)
The Rains County Sheriff's deputy who shot a dog after responding to a burglary call on Friday has been fired. According to the Rains County Sheriff's Office, Deputy Jerrod Dooley was fired on Thursday. Sheriff David Traylor said that it was for Dooley's safety because of threats. He added that it...
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Difficult to lock Mosin Bolt 4/25/14 - (1 reply)
I just picked up a Mosin rifle the other day and finally got all the cosmoline cleaned up and reassembled it. The rifle is a soviet 1942 model. I have noticed that locking the bolt action down to chamber a round is more difficult than it should be. Whenever there is no ammunition in the magazine closing...
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Tech Funny 4/25/14 - (No replies)
So, I LOL'd when I saw this one!!
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Fargo. Eh? 4/25/14 - (3 replies)
I hope it ends up magnificently. They kind of mashed up too much stuff into the first two episodes. Thornton makes me want to keep watching. He's, like, wicked bad.
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The law of tyranny: 4/14/14
Hey I just wanted to share this: THE LAW OF TYRANNY: 1.Any power that can be abused will be abused. 2.Abuse always expands to fill the limits of resistance to it. 3.If people don't resist the abuses of others, they will have no one to resist the abuses of themselves, and tyranny will prevail. GOOD...
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460 rowland 4/13/14
I've read quite a bit about the folks at 460 Rowland, some good some not so good. Can this company be trusted ?
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G30SF Pocket carry 4/10/14
G30SF Pocket carry [quote=Eric2340;21089294]I pretty much wear cargo shorts all the time - work and leisure. About the only time I DON'T carry is at work, as firearms are not allowed on property (car dealer). Other than that, if I'm out and about I usually have one or the other on me, 30SF or 26....
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G19 "L" / G23 "L" 4/10/14
G19 "L" / G23 "L" [quote=Eric2340;20377445]Well at long last here is my latest - what I call a "Compact Glock Longslide" (a G19/23/32 size frame with a G17/22/31 length slide and barrel). Yes it's been done 1,000 times before, yes I have already done it once w/ a G17 (often called the "G19L"),...
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Clip for Surefire style lights 4/10/14
Clip for Surefire style lights [quote=Eric2340;21148734]So after much going back and forth on an easy way to carry my new Surefire Fury with me at all times between this holster and that holster, or just sticking it in my pocket, I think I finally have a solution that works for my EDC. Prometheus...
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